The SILLIEST of Birds | Showcasing their silly side

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 5, 2019
  • Birds love to be silly too. But they do it with feathers, bobbing, sqwarking and sometimes talking!

    👍 Animals love to play.. think, feel and love.. like us! Thank you to these awesome insta authors who captured this. Credit goes to: @wildlifeanimals,, @ennalies, @snoweethecockatoo, @pigeonsdoingthings, @aquaticland, @prettyanimalls, @babyanimalspictures, @animalovestory, @round.animals, @lovinganimals.dg, @cats_for_happy_life, @discover.animal, @instanimals, @birb_memes, @the_pets_arena, @cub.animals, @cutieoninsta, @devothesun, @animal_vp, @earthnworld, @wildlifepassengers, @wildpassengers, @picklesthecockatoo, @instagramanimals, @_k_m_p_p, @bestvines, @whatcha.doin.tiki, @feelingfeed, @animalmir, @animals_zoofun, @wild_life_85, @fawazz82, @twiddlefrack, @planetwildlifeanimals, @travelinwildlife,, @aboutnaturelife, @that_caique_shadow, @planetnatureanimals. Please follow them if you love birbs! Email me at for requests like song ID, credit correction, clip submission and removal.

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  • Cain Pfeifer

    Cain Pfeifer

     4 hours ago

    music at 7:45 ?

  • Jack The brave

    Jack The brave

     6 hours ago

    0:26: HJONK HJONK AM GOOSE!!!!!!!

  • ToniHunterOne


     10 hours ago

    I vote for Tom Turkey to be our next President. He stands erect and exudes strength and unwavering concentration when all eyes are upon him. He protects ALL the members of his tribe. He holds the Hen popularity vote for this election. He doesn't fly off the handle in the face of danger. He faces it head on and doesn't flinch. He doesn't brag and puff up his chest. He does his job and when its finished he quietly walks side-by-side with the last member of his party. He is looking for a go getter to run his political campaign. You can contact him here with your resume and interests any time Night or Day! AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOM TURKEY FOR 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherry Smith

    Sherry Smith

     11 hours ago +1

    Well that was about sick seeing those birds fight to death.i could have went all year without seeing that 😭

  • Tor Bodin 7A - Hammarskolan

    Tor Bodin 7A - Hammarskolan

     11 hours ago

    I dare someone to make a try not to laugh challange with this

  • Natacha 00

    Natacha 00

     14 hours ago +2

    They're not silly, they're pretty intelligent !

  • Nameless King

    Nameless King

     14 hours ago +1

    The last birds weren’t playing.

  • Sean Rosenau

    Sean Rosenau

     16 hours ago

    0:18 Does the cute farty music have a title?

  • Crusty Cobs

    Crusty Cobs

     16 hours ago

    You can see how birds evolved from dinosaurs

  • Tara Mershon

    Tara Mershon

     18 hours ago

    Duck Hugs 😢😍

  • Husky Husky

    Husky Husky

     19 hours ago +1

    2:56 modest pelican lol stay hydrated lads

  • Mindy McNamara

    Mindy McNamara


    That crow helping those magpies save their friend was amazing

  • Italy




  • Random Guy

    Random Guy


    At the beginning there doing a saintanic ritual

  • Random Mimikyu

    Random Mimikyu


    3:11 This is true.

  • Ann Ferguson

    Ann Ferguson


    Boy turkey made sure his girls crossed the road!!!😁😁

  • Ghalaghor McAllistor

    Ghalaghor McAllistor


    Birbs being birbs

  • Gaël Spalt

    Gaël Spalt

     yesterday +1

    Parrots and Parakeets are definitely the obsessive compulsive part of the bird family xD

  • ervita asram

    ervita asram


    I like birb

  • Morgan Brandy

    Morgan Brandy

     2 days ago

    3:26 SMOOTH