Jon Cryer tells the truth about his career

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 29, 2015
  • Jon Cryer was bitten by the acting bug early, and achieved success with his starring turn in John Hughes' "Pretty in Pink." But there was a long period before he had a hit again with "Two and a Half Men," one of the most successful sitcoms ever. Cryer talks about his new memoir with correspondent Ben Tracy.
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  • Adam Sadelski

    Adam Sadelski

     2 hours ago

    I can’t look at him as not gay af tbh

  • tucko11


     17 hours ago

    There would be no two and half men without Allen

  • tucko11


     17 hours ago

    Just because he’s an intellectual dude people think he’s gay

  • tucko11


     17 hours ago

    Hot shots

  • DraKarEvans


     22 hours ago

    two and a half men bla bla... whos here realizing that this same guy plays lex luthor in super woman?

  • Lazy Art

    Lazy Art

     2 days ago

    I just wanna see him do more sophisticated roles, like a villain in a Jon wick movie...... Just my personal opinion

  • Ryn


     3 days ago +1

    He looks amazing for his age. What a darling man.

  • Allagí


     4 days ago

    Jon Cryer was hilarious in Two and a Half Men. Also as a guy going bald, it's cool that Cryer was straight forward about his fake hair, (notably on Conan) and then just went all natural bald shortly thereafter just as you see him here. It takes guts to shave your head especially in Hollywood where hair "restoration" options are state of the art. I really respect Cryer for being himself and going natural. That's integrity.

  • Age Age

    Age Age

     5 days ago

    at the time

  • Badger BadgerBadger

    Badger BadgerBadger

     6 days ago

    Such a cryer.

  • Ruby Staging

    Ruby Staging

     7 days ago

    Mathew Broderick has brown eyes, he has blue eyes

  • Margaret Armstrong

    Margaret Armstrong

     7 days ago

    Duckie :)

  • Octavio Taleno

    Octavio Taleno

     7 days ago

    I like superman!!

  • Bill Waller

    Bill Waller

     7 days ago

    Used to like him on two and a half men until I found out he's a super liberal brain-dead that follows anything the biased media feeds him, typical for alot of people in Hollywood... Hard to watch anything that comes out of Hollywood these days.

  • Kyle J.

    Kyle J.

     7 days ago

    Great actor!!

  • Jeffrey Ingram

    Jeffrey Ingram

     7 days ago

    He should do bad guy roles he would be awesome.

  • Cunt Cuntic

    Cunt Cuntic

     7 days ago

    Omg i thought i read cancer at first, thank god!

  • Bettina Klarenbeek

    Bettina Klarenbeek

     14 days ago

    Great guy!

  • Rudyspective 1

    Rudyspective 1

     14 days ago

    He looks so much better now, and great smile and attitude! Glad he survived.

  • Frank Jacobs

    Frank Jacobs

     14 days ago

    Do it again Alan, you was awsome my friend, come in Charlie you know you want to, hey keep Walden in it too he was gr8 'jake what a child actor he was gr8