A$AP Rocky Arrested in Sweden After a Street Altercation | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 22, 2019
  • A$AP Rocky is detained in Sweden for his involvement in a suspected assault, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West lobby President Trump to help get the rapper released.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/MjVUgIaSQdE


  • Dirkschneider


     12 hours ago

    Guilty. And even though it was not sufficient evidence it is quite obvious that he slashed that guy up with a broken glass bottle. That being said the guy following him was obviously a fucking idiot.

  • Andre Baker

    Andre Baker

     16 hours ago

    its sad when he do good you guess make fun but when he dont you guys bash him sad

  • E.A ce

    E.A ce

     19 hours ago

    we got a lot of them blacks here tho

  • Alain Koch

    Alain Koch


    2 years prison?! fights like tha happen in every town daly. and unless someone dies it doesnt lead to more thann a day at the police station.

  • Alvaro Vargas bang-wutang

    Alvaro Vargas bang-wutang

     4 days ago

    Trump got him free though huh, fuck this host send him back to his shitholecountry

  • Fredy_The_Yeti


     4 days ago

    Social democracy, not democratic socialism, get it right

  • Take


     5 days ago

    BTW, I have been to Stockholm!! And I saw no old cars really, mostly new volvo 🚗 60k plus!!

  • Frida Kokk

    Frida Kokk

     7 days ago

    Americans are really living in their own bubble! You guys don’t know shit about any other county other than America

  • Big pump

    Big pump

     7 days ago +1

    Fuck Sweden dude they can suck my American homemade meatballs

  • Welfare Queen

    Welfare Queen

     7 days ago +1

    I Love Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias

  • A Swaney

    A Swaney

     14 days ago +1

    For shame, Trevor. I'm American and I'm not familiar with Swedish law. But i still know that if you break the law in another country, you should be penalized according to that country's justice system. And if Sweden says he can't leave, then he can't leave. You shouldn't be trying to shame them into releasing him just because he's famous. If he didn't want to be jailed in Sweden, he shouldn't have beaten up that stalker no matter how annoying he was. I saw the video of the beating, and there should be no reason for him and his crew to simultaneously beat up one unarmed guy.



     14 days ago +1

    In morocco you cut someone's face with a sword and you get 6 monthd in jail

  • Jacob Grandstaff

    Jacob Grandstaff

     14 days ago

    Trevor Noah is a piece of garbage. He's obsessed with his half blackness. If we Americans need to send anyone back to his country, it's this a$$hole for instigation. How would the ANC like it if a white nationalist hosted a "comedy" show in S. Africa?

  • Laura Grandy

    Laura Grandy

     14 days ago

    I have woken up many a morning since Trump was elected President, and wondered if it was all a bad dream.

  • ax Mykle Bust

    ax Mykle Bust

     14 days ago

    Tyranny of Europe.

  • Elle C

    Elle C

     14 days ago

    Hello TDSTN, this video was given rule to be inappropriate on youtube community guidelines and I did not click confirm to watch. Last week was the VMAs on MTV, wondering if this news bit was reported on MTV also. About 2 months I learned from you that Comedy Central is going to be with parent company of GMA morning show. May you note that the VMA is without Madonna video - she wasn't nominated for a good track or two. And, small thing where videos top 10 youtube streamed ones are not nominated. Elle for MTV2 more videos

  • droopy boy

    droopy boy

     14 days ago

    This dude is not funny

  • AgroBabb


     21 days ago +9

    If you can't do the time don't assault people on the streets of Stockholm and expect to walk free.

  • mmyrxo


     21 days ago

    It’s Sweden’s rules omg

  • Riliame Blum

    Riliame Blum

     21 days ago

    I do wonder if the DS team would be surprised should they go to Sweden, or my home Norway, and see just how many people of African or Middle-Eastern origin we have here. (Or others of darker skin tones, for that matter)
    They need to do their research of Scandinavian demographics.