Trump’s Rambling Phone Interview with Sean Hannity: A Closer Look

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 20, 2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at the president rambling in phone interviews while his administration threatens war with Iran the week after announcing his re-election bid.
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    Trump’s Rambling Phone Interview with Sean Hannity: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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  • moises dorantes

    moises dorantes

     2 days ago +1

    The orange is so stupid is just incredible. How he got to the wh

  • Glenn parent

    Glenn parent

     4 days ago

    holy fook this is the usa prez-lmao

  • Broly Knight

    Broly Knight

     7 days ago

    Why someone want to ask or say Trump, he don't give them time to talk

  • Scott Loomis

    Scott Loomis

     7 days ago

    How can we allow this lizard man to continue lying to us as if we believe what he says.
    The moron sicofants are just not bright human beings. They are the worst part of this country
    Even when he looses the 2020,he will say it were rigged,fixed and he won't leave he office. He will have to be removed by force. He will try to incite a civil war. He will be doing this if he gets incicted or when he looses 2020

  • j-p collins

    j-p collins

     14 days ago

    that idiot is the cancer of america

  • j-p collins

    j-p collins

     14 days ago

    Look at those idiots behind him chearing at what he says, they're as idiots as he is

  • declan gibo

    declan gibo

     14 days ago

    so sad how did this happen how did the USA pride of the world turn into the bloody funny farm

    like did trump drug all the USA foodsthat make brain celss die is this how this crook who never went to school
    trick the US people into voteing him in man o man

    a one time superpower to the worlds new joke LOL stock of the world

  • Charles Croley

    Charles Croley

     21 days ago

    Dump Rump

  • pjr1525


     21 days ago

    From someone who doesn't live in the US, yes the rest of the world is losing respect for your country while this man is your president.

  • A.J. Anderson

    A.J. Anderson

     21 days ago

    I see the Easter bunny ,though !

  • byron Rideaux

    byron Rideaux

     21 days ago

    The Trump family has never had any common sense have they

  • Todd Taliaferro

    Todd Taliaferro

     28 days ago

    What's up with Sean Hannity's hair?
    Did he mean to put his part there?
    The way that it's cut
    It looks like a butt
    I bet little kids point and stare

  • Visor Overwatch

    Visor Overwatch

     a months ago

    Doesn't he have any important work in that white house? lol.

  • David Sotomayor

    David Sotomayor

     a months ago

    Did this guy really just say immigrants are bringing in many diseases including CANCER?? Can he be so stupid he thinks it's contagious?

  • Christian Castro

    Christian Castro

     a months ago

    I think when stuff happens they don't tell him unroll after

  • ka11am


     a months ago

    Spot on his so fake it's a joke

  • Explore the Hyperverse

    Explore the Hyperverse

     a months ago

    I love you sir.
    Thank you Sean. So do I. I'm a fantastic person.
    I know so much about cancer Sean. So much. I am going to cure cancer on... the surface of Mars. Great planet. No trees.

  • honkawiman


     a months ago

    What a minute Trumpy, I thought you were the scientist.

  • W Little

    W Little

     a months ago

    Sean Hannity sounds like the nerd who desperately wants to be the bully's best friend.Hes a huge suckup.

  • Liza Tanzawa

    Liza Tanzawa

     a months ago

    Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!