Irish People Try America's Strongest Alcohol (95%, 190 Proof)

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • MERCH MADNESS: - We sat down our Irish People to Try some of the strongest alcohol from America - could they handle the (95%!!) grain alcohol??
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    People often come up to us on the street and say "Hey, The TRY Channel, you guys never try the HARD stuff. The really, strong, proper drinks. What's up with that?" Well, hypothetical street-man, we hope you're happy! We acquired some particularly american spirits of a high alcohol content, and put our Irish People to the test - the question is, did they pass??

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  • PaunchyRobot


     23 minutes ago

    Knob does not mean Knob in America

  • Josh Rodriguez

    Josh Rodriguez

     30 minutes ago


  • FourAces22


     an hour ago

    This ain’t Americans strongest alcohol. Our strongest alcohol isn’t sold on the shelves. It’s made by our crazy uncles

  • Naomi Whelan

    Naomi Whelan

     2 hours ago

    End of the video “better have subscribed” 😂

  • Xander Stone

    Xander Stone

     2 hours ago

    3:07 That has got to be the most millennial thing ive ever seen hahaha

  • FabulousKilljoy917


     3 hours ago

    As an American I can say… yeah our alcohol’s no joke. I think everclear is popular in a nyc homemade cocktail called a nutcracker that’s just a sugar bomb so you don’t realize how messed up you are til you’re two states away driving a flaming car. 😂
    *and knob has many names, usually a handle… not primarily a genital as in the UK/Ireland 😅

  • Patrick Stuart

    Patrick Stuart

     3 hours ago

    Ciara is my spirit animal!!!!!!!! ❤️from Canada

  • Lashy YT

    Lashy YT

     6 hours ago

    I can't even take a shot of 35% vodka without being sick 😂

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez

     6 hours ago

    Slob on the knob

  • Kiki Johnson

    Kiki Johnson

     6 hours ago

    95 proof really isnt that bad



     7 hours ago

    Oh what a gentleman you are.

  • AverageDoggo


     11 hours ago

    Everyone was a huge pussy except my man leather and ya girl oscar



     11 hours ago

    8:19 💀💀💀

  • The Nastiest nate

    The Nastiest nate

     12 hours ago

    I'm stealing the horsepower thing

  • Combine Elite Zeta 3-882

    Combine Elite Zeta 3-882

     12 hours ago +1

    When you can run a car on it, you know its good.

  • nathan parker

    nathan parker

     12 hours ago

    Only advice I've got is don t inhale straight after the 95% shit

  • Robert Negrete

    Robert Negrete

     13 hours ago

    Knob does in fact, NOT mean “Knob” in the US.

  • Luis Z

    Luis Z

     14 hours ago

    Leather jacket guy and pink beanie have a channel, "Are Ya Having That". Funny shite. Check it out.

  • legionbunny


     14 hours ago

    I did a double of Kraken every round they did a shot, and now I feel fantastic

  • Charles Taylor

    Charles Taylor

     15 hours ago

    Knob does mean the same thing juicey j approved