What a Green Beret told me about SHTF

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • Advice a special forces soldier gave me about prepping for SHTF Tip Jar paypal.me/survivalprepping
  • Source: https://youtu.be/MzaJycpq9iI


  • Master Sergeant

     5 months ago

    Great video. Appreciate your hard work. It shows.

  • Richard Hotvedt

     2 months ago

    No buisness making comments here not a "Pro" in the eyes of many.. but "worst case scenario" in mind when I think of it involves being without any means of support or equipment that is available to the few with better financial resources.. injured, and just the clothes on ones back and whatever is around on the ground nearby..a pocket knife if so lucky during the winter's peak. Not so sure many are ready for that despite being "prepared." Ego aside.. sure in such a situa...

  • Glen Romney

     5 months ago

    No being fat and out of shape will kill most preppers! I’m one that tried going on a hike with my daughter. I’m fully prepared for the end of the world! It took 6 teenagers, an unsuccessful life flight( I was too heavy to carry!) 4 police cars 2 fire engines, 2 rescue teams and an ambulance to get me to the hospital from 1/2 mile up the camp trail! We thought it was a heart attack. Turned out to be a gastrenial attack from the dinner I had the night before. 1 year ago. Since I’ve dropped 56 lbs and am ...

  • metaphorically speaking

     4 days ago

    Always try to Shit before you panic.

  • Mehmet Emre Tiryaki

     14 days ago

    Please sir, do not judge yourself so harshly :)Not having enough fat will probably kill more preppers... Body fat has a long list of pros itself.If one keeps an active life,along with some kind of aerobic exercise (even half an hour a day is good for you),so keep their LDL levels down,and stay away from tobacco / alcohol / drugs (keep your heart and brain healthy),and avoid long lasting packaged food as much as possible;one could really appreciate having body fat...If you do not believe me, ...

  • Mark Davis

     4 months ago

    I’m the old guy who stays behind to hold them off and buy you time .......

  • James Hargroder

     16 days ago

    @oneamerican ofnoconsequence We will set You up with an m-14 at a high vantage point, with a LOT LOT OF LOADED 20 ROUND MAGS, TO COVER OUR 6!!!

  • Nick Shubin

     a months ago

    I'll be right there next to you! I'm older, have health issues, but will do whatever i can.

  • Rehoboth Farm

     4 months ago

    Dad always said, "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die." I miss Dad.

  • Jimmy Butler

     1 months ago

    @Democrats are cunts You know it is the faith that we live by that gives us all our strength to make it another day in hard times, so at lest he was not afraid to voice his opinion of what keeps some from making a choice to except the gift of eternal life over a temporary time line, but it doesn't mean he wanted to make the choice not to live for others, hope you can understand it take a free man to speak his mind...

  • Democrats are cunts

     1 months ago

    Your dad believed fairytales. Not a good role model.

  • Shaun Elliott

     5 months ago

    The one thing that "Preppers" don't allow for is fitness, if you can't be the fittest, be as fit as you can.

  • rustytr

     1 months ago

    Everyone can do pushups situps squats. No excuse if you arent injured or otherwise sick, make yourself, fight the mental poison that says quit.

  • Joe Diblasio

     2 months ago

    @Angl0sax0nknight good for you, do some squats 2xs a week, with your plates, do 6 sets, each set to failure with 3 to 4 minutes in between each set, you'll thank me in 2 months when you can double your load and increase your endorphin levels, then incorporate 6 sets of lunges or duck walking, itll all strengthen your core and back to be able to carry a lot more than 40 lbs. Try it, you might like it...

  • ChipMarine

     4 months ago

    I was a combat Marine in Vietnam 1968 TET offensive. I know a little bit about death. How to cause it and how to accept it. The one thing the Green Beret didn't mention is even though you might die you must plan to take as many of the enemy with you as possible. Then, and only then, have you done your job for America. I have a Purple Heart license on my car. Yes, I have been there and your video was a good one. Thank You. SEMPER-FI !

  • DannyBoy33 Mc

     1 months ago

    Exactly !!! How to prolong your life. I don't mind dying, I just want to have some control over how I go out !!!

  • N B

     2 months ago

    ChipMarine rah

  • Jedi master harmon

     4 months ago

    My grandfather was 101 . and he used to say fight like you are dead already. Because it will happen. Grandpa told me that the day I shipped out for basic training.

  • Survival prepping for normal people

     4 months ago

    Excellent advice

  • noblelies

     5 months ago

    99% of YouTube "copyright" claims are bogus forms of censorship to drive your message underground.

  • sockmonkey6666

     3 months ago

    Yeah, you hear tons of people screeching about how vital copyright is for protecting the creators of content when the real purpose of the outrageous overreach of copyright law is to shut down anyone who hasn't sold their content (and soul) to a big corporation.

  • Survival prepping for normal people

     5 months ago

    I agree. It is another means of creating the messages

  • Games & Entertainment Animator & Fiddler

     4 months ago

    Thanks. That one point you shared is at the core of everything. You have to accept that in order to be able to use whatever skills you've learned AND to be able to step outside your emotions and deal with things in the middle of chaos. I find it helpful to think about mortality. But it's more helpful to have come to a sense long time ago that we are spiritual beings living for a while in this existence. Lessons to be learned.

  • skyym3

     3 months ago

    Most of you are not going to understand this as it was meant to be understood, but here are true words of wisdom. Luke 17:33 Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.