How to Find and Repair Exhaust Leaks EASY (Without a Welder)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Learn how to find exhaust leaks in your car or truck and then repair them without a welder using some common, inexpensive exhaust sealer products. To repair the exhaust leak you can use an exhaust putty, tape, or clamp.

    Exhaust Putty:
    Exhaust Tape:
    Exhaust Clamp:
    Sandpaper (100 grit):
    Shop Vac:
    Electric Leaf Blower:

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  • ChrisFix


     4 months ago +882

    I will be at POCONO SPEEDWAY this weekend Aug 4th and 5th for some drifting so come by and say hello and maybe even come for a ride along!!!
    I worked hard to make this fix as simple and cheap as possible so anyone can do this at home! If I can cut a hole in my exhaust the size of a playing card, you can fix your small leak!
    Here is what I used:
    Exhaust Putty:
    Exhaust Tape:
    Exhaust Clamp:
    Sandpaper (100 grit):
    Shop Vac:
    Electric Leaf Blower:

  • Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson

     an hour ago

    5:02 could you explain how you did that?

  • Jimmy Fransen

    Jimmy Fransen

     an hour ago

    Chris I was wondering can u use that vacuum pump for bleeding the brakes?

  • Robbie Rockin

    Robbie Rockin

     10 hours ago +1

    Duuuude you are a COOL CAT

  • Fred Zdanowicz

    Fred Zdanowicz

     12 hours ago

    Great video. I've watched dozens and dozens of these and this is by far the best planned, thoroughly explained and video shot. A+++

  • royzcustomz


     19 hours ago

    are you just against welding anything????

  • Ahmed-Al-Raiyan


     yesterday +2

    My man literally cut a hole on his own exhaust just to show us. What a legend! 🤩

  • Meur Sault

    Meur Sault


    There's nothing you can't fix with soapy water

  • BIGH1001


     2 days ago

    *punches large hole in perfectly fine exhaust for sake of video demonstration*
    Respect, my dude.

  • rob carter

    rob carter

     2 days ago

    Really good and useful video. Thanks!

  • Philippos Kasotis

    Philippos Kasotis

     2 days ago

    Wow man awesome. You are a genius



     2 days ago

    *cuts hole into exhaust* THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE

  • Iwan Santosa

    Iwan Santosa

     2 days ago

    Hi Chris, I'm sure you have heard this question million times before. But, here it is again.
    What is your stance on hi temp spray paint? My exhaust got rusted pretty badly. My bike sat on my driveway sometimes for a week or two when I'm away at work. I'm thinking of sanding away the rust, then applying some type of rust converter, before sealing it off with hi temp paint.
    As always, your video inspire an amateur owner like me to maintain and fix their own vehicle. Awesome channel man!

  • pee cee

    pee cee

     2 days ago

    The best as always.

  • zia/ gamer

    zia/ gamer

     3 days ago

    Hey Christ is, my car brush fell put with the knot on so how shall I put my brush in

  • Satan's Earlobe

    Satan's Earlobe

     4 days ago

    Great video dude.

  • Bestfreestylist DC

    Bestfreestylist DC

     5 days ago

    great video and very informative video. good job.

  • Wasd :D

    Wasd :D

     5 days ago

    Thx so much for the tips.

  • OhMostBobulousOne


     5 days ago

    The thumbnail for the video shows red tape being put on, but that's not in the video.

  • hyperbolic magnetism

    hyperbolic magnetism

     6 days ago

    Chris what about triple or quad exhausts. How would you pressurise that?