Adrienne is Fine With Being Considered a D-Lister

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
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  • Abdul Hadi Yazid

    Abdul Hadi Yazid

     a months ago

    Well, it helps to have a rich husband too. Just sayin'.

  • Tiffani Linde

    Tiffani Linde

     a months ago

    Love Adrienne

  • Kaylen Ross !

    Kaylen Ross !

     2 months ago +1


  • Sippy Sweetcheeks

    Sippy Sweetcheeks

     2 months ago

    Fame is not worth it

  • Camelia Ealy

    Camelia Ealy

     2 months ago

    I would love to be a D-List celebrity. Being able to spread THE WORD through REAL LIFE experiences would be top notch FOR ME. when I was younger and doing IMTA and BARBIZON auditions, I thought I wanted to be famous and in the spotlight. I was a black Taina. Frfr. Loved her/show. but now that I am older and figured out what life is about, I want to teach but not in the tradition way. I want to speak the truth so that ppl (spec girls) can KNOW THEIR WORTH AND THE REASON THEY ARE HERE. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE.

  • Elle V

    Elle V

     2 months ago

    Considering how loud and hyper she’s getting, she sounds pretty bothered by it. You need to give yourself over to the material world to get to Beyonce’s level anyway. She’s even admitted being possessed by other entities aka Sasha

  • Eva Aguilar

    Eva Aguilar

     2 months ago

    Adrienne yo body is BOMB!!!!! I wish I had a “mediocre” body like yours lmfao ✨

  • Becca Daily

    Becca Daily

     2 months ago

    Preach it sista!

  • Jpop 51

    Jpop 51

     2 months ago

    Let's be honest they all d-list celebs except for tamera 😂

  • Erik Morales

    Erik Morales

     2 months ago

    I didn’t consider her to be on a list, at least not A-D. More like E or F 😂

  • Zhane Smith

    Zhane Smith

     2 months ago

    i love adrienne ♡

  • Heydi Navarro

    Heydi Navarro

     3 months ago

    Adrienne you are great and I think u live a bomb life. You are beautiful and you seem to be a super cool person. You seem happier than other celebrities. All that matters is how you feel.

  • Blanca Melendez

    Blanca Melendez

     3 months ago

    You are NOT mediocre. You are fucking amazing!

  • Kyra Dunston

    Kyra Dunston

     3 months ago

    I could care less about A-listers. I value myself above anyone. God then me. That’s it.

  • Amabel Antwi

    Amabel Antwi

     3 months ago +1

    She’s not even D-list, once a cheetah girl always a cheetah girl

  • Omar Hassan

    Omar Hassan

     3 months ago +1

    Is loni and jeannie celebrities?

  • CL M

    CL M

     3 months ago

    Nice little mediocre body 😂😂 Jokeerrr ...

  • Stf Mntfr

    Stf Mntfr

     3 months ago

    All I think is this is coming from a place of "I didn't make it but I'm over it now" lol

  • #JawshTV


     3 months ago

    She was in not 1 but 2 iconic girl groups 3LW & The Cheetah Girls so she’s more of a c-lister

  • Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Taylor

     3 months ago

    Adrienne is for the mediocres 🙌🙌🙌