Billionaire Dan Pena's Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People - HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • This is Billionaire Dan Pena's Ultimate Advice for Students and Young People. Now 73 years old and one of the richest men alive, he has a working class background and failed out of University 3 times before eventually graduating from college and becoming known as the trillion dollar man.
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    *This is a compilation of Dan Pena's advice for young people. M2S does not necessarily agree with everything said in the video, please use your own judgement based on your definition of success*

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    ►Speaker: Dan Pena

    Dan Pena, also known as the 50 billion dollar and trillion dollar man, is an American businessman and mulitmillionaire. He is the founder of Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and chairman of The Guthrie Group, an investment consortium.

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  • Brad W. Simpson

    Brad W. Simpson

     a minute ago +1

    9:40 seconds of talking and not saying a thing. I guess I missed the "Ultimate Advice."

  • Isaac Nicolaas

    Isaac Nicolaas

     50 minutes ago

    Not one centago ...

  • YBN FinesseJugz

    YBN FinesseJugz

     an hour ago

    thumbnail looks like a Vagos Boss from GTA 5, LMAO.

  • Hordur Valsson

    Hordur Valsson

     3 hours ago

    I’m 43 and live in Denmark. Looking at the progress over the last 14 years since I moved, all I can say, if you are young and live in the west, you are seriously fucked. Buying power vs. product/service quality has plummeted. You have no reference if you’re 23yo. The salaries are not getting better, employment abuse is getting worse. Politics are rigid, fixed and corrupted to the bone. Your teachers and parents have made you so weak and pathetic, that by the time this house of cards crumbles down, you are in deep shit, deeper than your mindless and blind teachers, parents or bosses realize. Adults today are asleep, waiting for things to go to hell. Start now! There are very few of us older people fighting hard and we will eat you for breakfast easy, unless you shape up and take action TODAY!!

  • Bul Mnstr

    Bul Mnstr

     6 hours ago

    yeah they sleep in the office but it was THEIR office. Not someone else's

  • Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2

    Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2

     6 hours ago

    This is Illuminati bullshit, do not believe it.

  • jeff kamz

    jeff kamz

     7 hours ago

    so grateful I am now in a position to support my family all because of this. simply Google without gaps Fun Onli neWo rk .com

  • DEEP 007

    DEEP 007

     19 hours ago

    So you are grab money for your hole life.... When u gonna spend them....?

    Are u saw the world.....?
    The life...behind money...?

    I want to see those beautiful things...
    But i dont have money....!!😂

  • Jarrad Bell

    Jarrad Bell

     20 hours ago +1

    This is one grumpy old man

  • Anthony Ferrante

    Anthony Ferrante

     22 hours ago

    Where there's a will, there's a way



     23 hours ago

    im born in poverty and still in poverty

  • Miroslav Tabyashki

    Miroslav Tabyashki

     23 hours ago +1

    'Cmon...Don't tell me in 2019 there is still somebody belived in these shit???????

  • Trippy G20

    Trippy G20

     23 hours ago

    Not a Billionaire just a poor man with nothing. Any donations are welcomed Cash app $christsoldiers Thanks

  • mrk panait

    mrk panait


    this is only Brainwashing ! sort of : work hard work more for us !
    How many billioners are in ‘Murica ? .... you all dummies are working in a way or another for this kind of guy , for a bilionaire , you will never keep up financial speaking with the requests of “modern society” .

  • sisbrawny



    3:34 MAKE THIS A MEME!!!

  • shred the gnar.

    shred the gnar.


    I just want to leave something more than just a rap sheet behind. One day.

  • Mark Everitt

    Mark Everitt


    Can’t wait to have 2.4 kids.. how will that work fuck if Ik

  • Williams Nehemyah

    Williams Nehemyah


    It is a mistake to think the time is going. Time is not going. Time is here until the world ends. It is you that is going. You don’t waste time. Time is infinite. You waste yourself. You are finite. It is you that grows old and dies. Time doesn’t. So make better use of yourself before you expire. And one of the worst things to do with time is comparing yourself to others. A cow eats grass and gets fat but if a dog eats grass, it will die. Never compare yourself with others. Run your race. What works for one person may be that which will kill you. Focus on the gifts and talents God gave you and don’t be envious of the blessings He gave others .*

    Both Lion and Shark are professional hunters, BUT:
    A Lion cannot hunt in the Ocean and a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle
    That a Lion cannot hunt in the ocean doesn't make him useless and that a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle doesn't also make him useless both have their own territory where they can do well

    If a rose smells better than tomatoes, It doesn't mean the rose can make a better stew. Don't try to compare yourself to others. You also have your own strength, look for it and build on it. All animals that exist, were in Noah's ark. A snail is one of those animals. If God could wait long enough for snails to enter Noah's ark; His door of grace won't close till you reach your expected position in life. Never look down on yourself, keep looking up. Remember that Broken crayons still color.
    _Keep on pushing, you never can tell how close you are to your goal.

  • joe Salinas

    joe Salinas



  • kishlay raj

    kishlay raj

     yesterday +1

    i have no friend