The Invaluable Work of California’s Inmate Firefighters | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • Inmate firefighters are a vital part of keeping California’s wildfires under control, but they aren’t paid adequately or permitted to keep firefighting post-prison. Smokey Bear weighs in on the situation.


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  • Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier

     2 days ago

    California deserves to burn.

  • Marscheesteak Andcrepes

    Marscheesteak Andcrepes

     3 days ago

    This guy is always making fun of everyone in our country. Why don't you get the fuck out of here if you dont like us. Fag boy

  • Hamer51


     3 days ago

    But what about dealing with the trees the Australians sold California that keep setting themselves on fire which constantly ignite more forest fires perpetually worsening the issues

  • thublit


     4 days ago

    I think he means state owned slaves or at the least indentured people. Especially in CA. the guv has run wild. The "penal" systems war on the family/drugs is absolutely evil.

  • Jake Mcewen

    Jake Mcewen

     4 days ago

    Those inmates are being robbed. Federal min wage is 7.25. I think some crimes are being commited...

  • dma69nyc


     4 days ago

    That's the exact same reaction I had when I first saw Smokey take the mask off. Glad it wasn't just me.

  • KingOfGames


     4 days ago

    1:45 I definitely thought that guy was Bill Nye just based on the sound and cadence of his voice

  • James Yakura

    James Yakura

     5 days ago +2

    "Wildfires. As the climate changes and the land becomes drier..."
    Sounds dire. Perhaps we should aspire to avoid this briar, even if it means we retire some of the power we desire.

  • Cheshire Kat

    Cheshire Kat

     5 days ago

    I'd say that whether or not a convicted felon should be allowed to become a firefighter, after he or she has served their sentence, depends on what crimes they committed.
    Firefighters interact with children a lot; so I'd say that no one who has been convicted of rape, or child-molestation (or attempted rape or child-molestation), should be allowed to become a firefighter.

  • Lup Domnitor

    Lup Domnitor

     5 days ago +1

    America was built on the foundation of discrimination.

  • CheaterCheater


     5 days ago +3

    Who all thought Smokey was going to take off his head and be a hot woman. Lol

  • Altrantis


     5 days ago +1

    Where I'm from, firefighters don't get paid anything even though they're not prisoners.

  • Paraplegic octopus

    Paraplegic octopus

     5 days ago +1

    Those Smokey ads were fire!!.... Oh, shit, wait..

  • doom2avatar


     5 days ago

    They can be firefighters. Not all systems have combined fire+EMT. There’s good reason to be skeptical of past criminal history for medics. There is a pile of strong narcotics sitting in ambulances and you have to trust the medics to not use or sell that.

  • Samantha Des Jardins

    Samantha Des Jardins

     5 days ago

    When we had the fire in Napa, people of Napa were told not to talk to inmate fire fighters nor were they allowed to take refreshments citizens brought. I heard people being yelled at for thanking them.

  • Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson

     5 days ago

    Modern day slavery....its bullshit..

  • SillyNa Cannada

    SillyNa Cannada

     6 days ago +3

    There’s no profit in ex cons being legit. That’s all it boils down to. Pun intended.

  • Saiyan ForLife

    Saiyan ForLife

     6 days ago

    So where supposed to teach the inmates how to stand on their feet after they served their time. But when they get out and find a new passion, the people in charge say, no no choose something else, you know something that doesn't involve helping others. Screw that non sense. Being a paramedic myself, first responders are short staffed. Let them work a job that not many are willing to do.

  • derp herp

    derp herp

     6 days ago

    Let California burn , this is self inflicted. They made their bed, let them burn in it.

  • E S

    E S

     6 days ago

    I remember living in Marin Co CA til last Dec. Inmates from San Quentin rescued people in trouble on a small boat on SF bay in the AM one night