JOKER - Teaser Trailer (My Thoughts)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Joker has gotten an official teaser trailer, and it promises a movie that shows a descent into madness. Here are my thoughts on the teaser trailer for JOKER!Watch the trailer here: my review for Shazam here:
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  • Nameless Man

     2 months ago

    When you beat Jared Leto’s Joker from the trailer only .

  • Izain Martinez

     6 days ago

    Another funny thing is this new joker had more screen time than lettos joker and it was all worth it. Reminded me of heath ledgers joker when he walked down the hallway with the whole makeup and suit with his hair. Heath would be proud.😄😄😄🤧🤧🤧

  • Zach Beckwith

     2 months ago

    I love what the stairway in this trailer seemingly represents in the trailer. At the beginning of the trailer, when he's in a supposed stable state of mind, you see him lethargically walk up the stairs. At the end of the trailer, when he's sporting his full clown outfit, he's dancing on his way down the stairs with a smile on his face. Maybe it represents his decent into madness or something.

  • Real_Slim_Shady

     2 days ago

    Kirby Friggin Kirby explains alot

  • Kirby Friggin Kirby

     2 days ago

    @Real_Slim_Shady Oh my

  • 谭子健

     2 months ago

    "He want to F*@k a phone! And he makes it worked!" Some compliment there dude......

  • Nico

     2 months ago

    I saw Jeremy in person but was too shy to go up to him. He’s tall af lol .

  • EonHSD

     2 months ago

    This was one of the best trailers I've ever seen, honestly.Joaquin Phoenix is ridiculous as Joker, I can't wait.

  • Twatman

     26 days ago

    @ANT - MAN *cough* Endgame *cough*

  • Jonathan Will

     29 days ago

    @0 hahahahaha that carzy lol

  • Roddy Rod

     2 months ago

    You always hear people say "I stopped watching porn for this" but you never believe it, until it happens to you

  • Yahniel Mercado

     1 months ago


  • Yusuf Kadri

     1 months ago

    @II QuietRiot II nah what

  • Rio Miller

     2 months ago

    Gonna say it now... Joaquin Phoenix for a best actor Oscar nom. ...You never know.

  • Luke Berrie

     1 months ago

    Well if Rami Malek can get a nom for Bohemian Rhapsody then I don’t see why not 🤷‍♂️

  • Gerardo Ceballos

     2 months ago

    Rio Miller Wouldn’t doubt it, takes practice to pull off a good joker.

  • Arturs G

     2 months ago

    "how someone called Arthur would walk"Wow, that was uncalled for.. I will try to not take it personal... (quiet sobbing.)

  • Edior Mrvn

     1 months ago

    Put on a happy face, then.

  • Sanjay Raju

     2 months ago

    Andree Tungcab You’re a wanted man Mr Morgan.

  • HickoryDickory86

     2 months ago

    Everyone keeps bringing up the creep factor between him and his mom. But I don't see it that way. They're both mentally ill. She is probably more so (likely Alzheimer's or dementia), hence why he has to work to provide for her, and has to bathe her like a child. They're just trying to get through life together in a hateful, cruel world. He's doing the best he can to keep them both afloat and yet he gets slammed down time and time again.I have my suspicion that his mom will be killed, probably for spo...

  • The Rodriguez Retro Reel

     16 days ago

    That’s exactly how i see it too

  • MrMusicGuy1980

     1 months ago

    Maybe it will be negligence, but not because he would forget. Maybe he gets beat down and is laying in the street knocked out for hours. She is at home alone and OD's on pills or something like wanders outside gets hit by a car or anything to that effect because she has alzheimer's and it's a spiral out of control quickly situation. And Arthur snaps at that point and its a catalyst for his chaos.

  • Saifa Kismat

     2 months ago

    Wikipedia page of Joaquin Phoenix says he will win Oscar for joker. 😂😂😂Who did that!

  • VishnuPrasad P

     1 months ago

    Ha! I posted a pic of Joaquin already holding the Oscars!!😎

  • Benji Ransley

     2 months ago

    vik saggu A white male won the previous Oscar and the Oscar before that and the Oscar before that for Best Actor. That’s like saying “Athlete for Olympic Gold Medal? Naw dude.”