Top 60 Viral Videos Of The Month - October 2019

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 26, 2019
  • Here are the best viral videos of the month for October 2019!

    Showcasing the best viral videos of October, this compilation is guaranteed to entertain.

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  • Newsflare


     2 months ago +28

    Check out our September top virals of the month!

  • dafullclip


     an hour ago

    4:15 "Peking Opera here I come!"

  • Jehovanoid


     19 hours ago

    I paused my video to comment here about that little girl. What a fucking smart human being she is. She made me tear up, no joke. She will definitely grow up to become someone influencal. There's still hope in humanity

  • Tanu Sofu

    Tanu Sofu


    God, your beings are beautiful .

  • AnnemieM



    Thank you, that was fun.

  • Aporu Defender of rahi

    Aporu Defender of rahi

     2 days ago

    2:50 H e l t h

  • HiYa Pal

    HiYa Pal

     3 days ago

    What a line-up. 8:08-8:32 First a man is gagging at a
    💩-diaper, and then there's a woman with brown on her face. 😂😂 Did the diaper explode on her? 😂😂😂

  • HiYa Pal

    HiYa Pal

     3 days ago

    1:01 That poor dog is really terrified of him. 😟

  • Tinetariro Mtisi

    Tinetariro Mtisi

     3 days ago

    #40 kung-fu baby😂😂

  • Kevin almalik

    Kevin almalik

     4 days ago

    4:06 wkwkwk

  • Alisson Vargas

    Alisson Vargas

     5 days ago

    12:41 basically me and my best friend 😝😝😂😂😂

  • Mandeep N

    Mandeep N

     6 days ago

    The wretching guy had me in tears

  • Eloleth Eltarsi

    Eloleth Eltarsi

     7 days ago

    Yeah I'm SO adopting at least one kid

  • Saifullah Hamid

    Saifullah Hamid

     7 days ago

    13:43 / 17:22 says they are fast readers and they are trying to hide that they are just picture books

  • ritch l

    ritch l

     7 days ago

    That TV save!

  • Gara Bogojevic

    Gara Bogojevic

     7 days ago


  • Gara Bogojevic

    Gara Bogojevic

     7 days ago


  • Alia the person

    Alia the person

     14 days ago

    everyone watch this video-

  • Justin Ohara

    Justin Ohara

     14 days ago

    2:43 The Office is playing in the background

  • karina yerena

    karina yerena

     14 days ago

    Does someone knows where's the place with the slide that shakes the boy's feet?