Philippines Fake Market Mania!



  • Siemo15


     3 days ago +31

    Anyone else cringe off this mans shite house flirting!?

  • Asian Productions

    Asian Productions

     15 minutes ago

    A Samsung A9 for $46 dollars.

  • Iemand uit het noorden

    Iemand uit het noorden

     4 hours ago

    You are a good youtuber

  • stefan teuling

    stefan teuling

     6 hours ago

    You know why Filipinos are very nice people, especially to "white" foreigners...? Every idiot would know that....because to them foreigners have money, that's it! Why is someone super nice to you, mostly because they need something from you! I am married to a Filipina and she can conform this. I am not a fan of the Filipinos.

  • Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen

     8 hours ago

    Ur mad broke man

  • Marco Mark Productions

    Marco Mark Productions

     10 hours ago +1


  • jupiter 111

    jupiter 111

     12 hours ago

    rolling my eyes at his "american-ness"

  • angela



    father figure

  • Travel The World

    Travel The World


    Nice video! Thank you for uploading!

  • Hengameh Namak-Kar

    Hengameh Namak-Kar

     yesterday +1

    "Yes Daddy"

  • Hengameh Namak-Kar

    Hengameh Namak-Kar

     yesterday +1

    I wish you could bargain in Canada because everything here is sooo expensive!!!

  • ChaDaeSan



    Ivthink they were actually giving you lower price than usual loool like the firs price is what we bargain for

  • Frankie Perez

    Frankie Perez


    I love you video's bro much love from Northern Cali

  • Justin Gramke

    Justin Gramke


    it worked thanks

  • CopperyRocket



    I saw the jollibee logo anyone else live jollibee?

  • Joshua Carey

    Joshua Carey


    It's really hard to bargain at the Philippines tho. Also the sellers don't really care if you walk away, it doesn't work on them. They're not like Chinese.




    Mukakang discount ahhaha

  • JustMyst1c



    Did you just call the Filipino lady’s dialect Tagliah, it’s Tagalog

  • DontMatTerSz


     2 days ago

    12:37 I think I’m in love😍😍😍😍

  • Jan


     2 days ago

    well, this video is semi fuckd up because u bargain way way too low and they cant have any interest in their product