How To Prepare For Classic World of Warcraft

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 21, 2018
  • What's up, my dudes! With classic WoW coming out relatively soon, I figured that the best thing I could do for you was create a guide behind how you can get ready for its release. The video covers 11 main parts for you guys to work with. Please enjoy and thanks for swinging by!Any suggestions in what you want from this channel going forward would be awesome!---------References---------Vanilla WoW Wiki - http://vanilla-wow.wikia.comWoW Classic Database - Calculator - Video Recommendations---------Kargoz's Duo Leveling Video - a Healing Class - Info---------Server: Light's Hope (Northdale)My UI:
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  • CursesTremble


     7 months ago +1256

    how to REALLY prepare for classic wow
    >break up with your gf/ divorce your wife
    >quit your job permanently
    >stock up on canned food, cola and crisps
    >tell your friends you will be unavailable IRL for a long period of time

  • Varok


     7 months ago +607

    Lol the real classic feeling is BE UNPREPARED! Walk around like the biggest noob and need 3 Months for level 40 is the real Vanilla WoW.

  • Robert W

    Robert W

     7 months ago +172

    Printed out a 800 page book of chuck norris jokes....
    Barrens chat about to get a whole new level of cancer fam.

  • Czesnek


     7 months ago +184

    "How to prepare for classic WoW"
    Win a lottery so you don't have to work ever again.

  • C S

    C S

     6 months ago +208

    People rushing to max level is what changed the game. Enjoy the journey.

  • powerfulnoun


     7 months ago +608

    Dont plan, just play. Dont rush, dont force yourself into a min/max position. Make enemies and make friends. If you arent having fun you shouldnt be playing.

  • GrandChallenge


     6 months ago +81

    In classic wow my socialisation was : add that nice guy from that dungeon run. Get frusturated seeing him 10 levels above you in a week = delete him.

  • Arohk


     6 months ago +44

    If you really want a classic WoW experience, read nothing about any class, dont watch any videos, stay away from privat servers, just go in blind and explore.

  • TubeHicks


     7 months ago +254

    "How to prepare..." don't. Be as stupid and unprepared as possible. Do not run to 60, take your time. Otherwise vanilla will disappoint you.

  • MR. J

    MR. J

     7 months ago +96

    WARNING:) long text inc!
    So I know the mentality these days are like: Play 16 hours a day and rush to 60 then get pre raid bis or grind pvp. I done it myself on 4 private servers, for years. So I just want to share my own thoughts on that subject, after been playing on private servers for 6 years more or less.
    So you no life out of vanilla wow when it comes, get to 60 in short time, get your pre raid bis and start to raid as one of the first on the server and you feel great!! Like you some how are doing better then the 80% other players on your server. You get your first raid item and quickly go back to main town and show it off while the other 80% of the server population is in town admiring you, feels great! But then, Very fast you find yourself super bored.. nothing to do really, other then farm gold for consumes and log on 2 days a week to raid or keep going 16 hours a day and only do bgs. The only real friends you got on your friend list is your guild since you rush to 60 so you kinda didn’t have time to explore the full game experience and add friends from epic moments so on so on. So again you are bored, so you make an alt do it all the same way again and end up the same place... But as time goes on 80% of the server population is also 60 now and have more or less same gear as you and you kinda don’t feel that special anymore. Also your already burnt out of the game.... while the others are still okay with it, since they didn’t nonstop brain wash them self out of the game as you did at start. The (only) thing you are looking forward to is when a new raid get released and you have those few moments to be the first to do them and shine for a short moment again, like you did in the start.
    NOW here is how I played on my last private server. I didn’t rush at all, I just did quest nice and slowly, world pvp, bgs, dungeons and interacted with people, all kind of silly stuff. Even before I hit lvl 45 I had over 20 friends on my list that I interacted with on a daily basic. I had so many funny, epic moments that they can’t be counted on one finger. In all my 6 years on private servers where 80% of the time was hardcore be in the best min/max you can be, I never had as fun as the time I played this way.
    So this is just a personal opinion! So if you feel differently that’s how you feel :) But I just wanted to share my own opinion here and I can see a lot of my friends that also played as I did, feel the same way.
    And again, if you think back if you played in originally vanilla wow. What made it fun? Yes the feeling of a new game nobody knew and everything was new and people were noobs ;) But also the way you leveled and played, prob not how many do it today 😇
    The moral of the story, play vanilla wow the way you want and the way you think that makes it fun. Hope the best for you all when the game launch and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-

  • dcn


     7 months ago +91

    >yo, wanna be friends?

  • smithers


     7 months ago +85

    Or just log in and play the game... 99% of the stuff you say in this video just comes naturally

  • Mojiz Naqvi

    Mojiz Naqvi

     7 months ago +23

    How to prepare for classic WoW
    Download Warcraft 1, 2 and 3

  • Wurstblinker


     7 months ago +17

    You clearly haven't understood what the original WoW was about, there are no plans, there is just the game.

  • Márk Arató

    Márk Arató

     6 months ago +16

    Learn where Mankrik's wife is. Thats all you need to know.

  • Sam Laflamme

    Sam Laflamme

     4 months ago +16

    How to prepare for classic wow : Do not prepare

  • Jarrod Cornelius

    Jarrod Cornelius

     7 months ago +7

    1. Work out
    2. Work
    3. WoW
    The three W's I soon will be living...

  • Hoody Vales

    Hoody Vales

     7 months ago +158

    How about everyone just PREPARE to have FUN. You nerds are killin me

  • Mark Blaze

    Mark Blaze

     7 months ago +6

    also remember you can use /join NAME to create your own chat rooms on wow servers. Then have your friends all join it. this way you dont have to be restricted to a guild to talk to several people at once or to organize groups.
    this is like the best tip ever. send me money for it. thanks.

  • Ryan


     5 months ago +28

    I think wowhead should get a Thottbot overlay when Classic wow comes out.