This Man Saw An Animal Clinging To The Bottom Of A Boat, And He Launched A Daring Rescue Attempt

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 29, 2018
  • Somehow, the animal had gotten itself perilously close to the freezing cold water. And in an attempt to save itself from sinking into the depths, it hung desperately onto a nearby ferry. Fortunately, though, Johan Skärkarl was at the scene – and the creature’s plight spurred him on to attempt an intrepid rescue.

    Skärkarl had spotted the animal clinging on for dear life to the HSC Gotlandia II – a vessel that takes passengers to the Swedish island of Gotland. At the time of the incident, the ferry was docked in Visby, which is the island’s principal town and home to nearly half of Gotland’s residents.

    And as the salvage operation took place in February 2014, the waters around Gotland were likely to have been very cold indeed. Indeed, sea temperatures in Visby in February typically fall between 33 °F and 37.4 °F. Swimming in such conditions, then, may lead to hypothermia. But Skärkarl was seemingly not going to let this stop him.

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  • Be Ja

    Be Ja

     1 months ago +1

    So cool!!!

  • pat gladwell

    pat gladwell

     1 months ago

    God bless this man please , he is a brave man to swim in such cold water and rescue that poor cat . Wonderful man to care about animals . I thank him sincerely .

  • Angie B

    Angie B

     1 months ago


  • Mikeflycast


     2 months ago

    Does anyone know the real story about the frame picture ?

  • Pamela Biral

    Pamela Biral

     3 months ago

    Dear all that cat picture showing a boot, and pathetic poor abused cat, this picture was used before and said "no one in neighborhood would touch this cat showed a guy pick it up and then said killed by dogs in the very neighborhood been all it's life....come back ones that are really doing this work. Same picture different story so depressing. There is so much that's not true, sad if people send money, but no animal rescue. Sorry you are putting yourselves out there...and some just take pictures not in real time . You are asking for .....$.

  • Forrest Meadows

    Forrest Meadows

     4 months ago

    God bless you human.

  • Rita McCartt-Kordon

    Rita McCartt-Kordon

     5 months ago

    GOD bless his heart!

  • Clyde Balcom

    Clyde Balcom

     6 months ago

    A cat and a sailor. That's a great story.

  • peaceful living eyes

    peaceful living eyes

     8 months ago

    Thank you God bless. Amazing ppl make big dif in this world ..💝
    I wish he adopted the cat or any animals life in the street really harsh ..

  • Badbonezth2ndlegnd


     9 months ago

    What was the cat suppose to say? The fact orhers saw this man rescuing this kitty would be enough. I doubt he was looking for praise just the right thing to do. Good on you sir.



     9 months ago

    You're a true gent, Sir. And that is one very handsome cat.

  • theironmaiden1


     9 months ago

    What a nice man and true hero!❤️❤️❤️

  • james hopkins

    james hopkins

     9 months ago

    Click bait

  • Jane Dorrian

    Jane Dorrian

     9 months ago

    This is not possible first no competent doctor would ever let a woman who is experiencing a multiple pregnancy 1 go into labor. 2 she would be getting prepped for a c section.
    because she not be able to deliver vaginally. 3 the biggest tipoff is her supposed stomach to round and to big it looks like what it is a large beach ball covered with beige materal what a stupid video

  • Ash Vibes

    Ash Vibes

     9 months ago

    That cat is beautiful

  • Ash Vibes

    Ash Vibes

     9 months ago

    How the hell a kitten get over there!!?! Thanks to this hero Love people who care!

  • garry wagoner

    garry wagoner

     10 months ago


  • Ron H

    Ron H

     10 months ago

    that's my idea of a Hero ! The female cat forgot....but now thanks you from afar !

  • Maurice Tucker

    Maurice Tucker

     11 months ago

    Yes, there are people who care and I'm sure kitty is thankful! And we are thankful for her rescue from this thoughtful person ! Thanks for the uplifting video and God bless you and the seafaring kitty!

  • Wendall Wedgewood

    Wendall Wedgewood

     11 months ago

    Great job! Thank you for rescuing the cat!