People Read Strangers' Race Secrets

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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  • Casiah Carver

     7 months ago

    at school teachers would read stories about slaves and all eyes were on me

  • M0M0

     6 days ago

    Casiah Carver Sometime people joke about slavery with me but it’s not that funny...

  • Lisa vs. man's idea of reality

     14 days ago

    @Bri J. your comment is true, the information is out there and it is being taught. I learned a lot of things about our history at an HBCU. Things that were completely swept under the rug during grade school. So yes, my comment says what it says because things like this are still happening.

  • _Jian_

     6 months ago

    "Don't bring a white girl home"Brings white guy instead

  • Mehdi

     28 days ago

    I’m actually dying 😭😭

  • The Engineer

     1 months ago


  • Mimi B

     7 months ago

    I don't ever know what to say when little kids tell me that they wish they were white.It hurts my heart so much.

  • wowokthx

     26 days ago

    Mimi B there was a point in my childhood where i said i wish i was white or i wanted to be white. im mexican but im white passing...idk. I eventually just grew out of it. but i still feel like an odd ball out of a room of actual white people..

  • Lupita Rosas

     1 months ago

    made a new account I think she meant mestizo. A lot of Mexicans are.

  • Laetitia Sales

     6 months ago

    *no one* should be ashamed for its skin color.No one is better than the other.White is not better than black.Black is not better than white.Mixed is not better or worse.We're all the same.👊🏻👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿

  • Daniel Roberts

     3 days ago

    NoobGod132 no one loves you

  • Toxic Ash Main

     14 days ago

    where's the yellow

  • MS17

     4 months ago

    "I don't want to be white enough or black enough. I just want to be me."amen!

  • Urmiashutosh Nanchahal

     6 months ago

    I'd rather be hated for who I am than be loved for being someone who I'm not

  • Purple Paris

     23 days ago

    This needs more likes❤️

  • Lizzie _

     5 months ago

    Literally have that on a Kurt Cobain poster above my head

  • Leo

     7 months ago

    If i would get a dollar everytime someone said “ allah akbar” when they saw me, i would be a millionaire

  • Mr . Sunglasses

     2 days ago

    Purple Paris Nothing is wrong me. I was joking and even he laughed. He was the one who actually started the joke, if anything something happened is wrong with YOU,learn how to take a joke

  • Rayy Fakih

     19 days ago

    Ojberretta Berretta lol no it’s not white people shooting up schools bombing in Boston and Christians going around killing people as the kkk you’re ignorant and believe whatever your mom tells you

  • samory8280

     7 months ago

    In elementary school I wanted to be more black so I could fit In. In middle school i wanted to be white. In high school I wanted to be Hispanic. In college i wanted to be Asian. Now as an adult I am finally happy in my skin. 😀

  • Min-Yoongi

     3 months ago

    I can relate but im Asian

  • Kayla Cameron

     3 months ago

    I wanted to be a latina because the guys always drooled over them

  • Serve and protect My food

     7 months ago

    I love being black. Pretty much everyone in my family ages soooo well. We’re blessed.

  • Chantel Barcomb

     2 months ago

    @Serve and protect My food thank you.

  • Elove Xx

     5 months ago

    Shistar Snapped you need a biology lesson. We have melanin you don’t. Tough luck love.

  • Tedious person

     7 months ago

    This is sad and extremely horrific, I hope the people who wrote these things are okay.

  • Raiden

     7 months ago

    There’s good and bad people in every race/ethnic group. If people would start treating each individual come across as their own person vs how people treat one person as that stereotype or how their group is portrayed by media then we would be a lot better off. People shouldn’t be referred to as a generalization but as their own person. It’s sad.

  • Gifted

     7 months ago