Britain's Got Talent 2012 Best Of The Best HD

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 7, 2012
  • Was lost on youtube, clicked on a related search of BGT (, watch a lot of Highlight videos, start watching episode 1, 2, ...Finish the entire season, want to try some editing, gather a few clips, gather a lot of clips, compile movie, edit, add music, revise, watch entire movie, revise again, spend 5 hours rendering (only the highest quality for my viewers), upload to youtube, youtube tells you that the video was rendered wrong, another 5 hours of rendering, upload for 2 hours, write witty description, And that, ladies on gentleman, is how to make a youtube video, end description and bask in glory of new video.
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  • Maria T.

    Maria T.

     5 years ago +12

    love it!

  • Sydney H

    Sydney H

     4 years ago +113

    Charlotte stands up for Jonathan and he stands up for Charlotte

  • Simran B

    Simran B

     4 years ago +183

    It pissed me off in the first performance how Simon kept dissing Charlotte. She was CRYING for a reason, and not just out of happiness for their good performance. They clearly should stay a duo, and Simon might've damaged their relationship a bit. Johnathon was already shy, and making his partner lack confidence is a stupid move.

  • Big Mac

    Big Mac

     5 years ago +16

    9:00 simon winks at the girl lol 

  • Matty Smoove

    Matty Smoove

     5 years ago +7

    the three australians are my favorite. i would automatically buy their first album. songs are very catchy. 

  • XxcuitexXsnipesXxX **

    XxcuitexXsnipesXxX **

     5 years ago +4

    I love the cascade group just sooo much now they r awesome

  • Jeremy Tiso

    Jeremy Tiso

     5 years ago +5

    The Sailor Men made me happy XD

  • rebbeca phillips

    rebbeca phillips

     4 years ago +54

    The first act, Jonathan and Charlotte recorded two CDs the first Together got them a gold record. 2014 they went solo, Charlotte's solo CD is called Solitaire. Jonathon's CD Tenore has been on the UK Classical chart for 4.5 months and is sitting at number 7 this week. Follow Jonathan on FB Jonathan Stavvy Antoine or on Twitter @JonAntoine. Charlotte is doing musical theatre.

  • Kaela Wiley

    Kaela Wiley

     4 years ago +52

    I love when Simon winks at people 😂

  • TheWaffle


     4 years ago +63

    the first act was just pure beautiful!!! <3

  • Fatman


     5 years ago +1

    Me watching this.
    Beginning: This is all auditions
    Midde-end: See props, possibly more than auditions
    Near-end: See same group that was on first, know for a FACT it is more than audition.

  • Rob van egmond

    Rob van egmond

     4 years ago +1

    top amazing

  • Brian Jones

    Brian Jones

     5 years ago +1

    The girl in the first one looked hurt when the judge said Jonathan was better :(

  • Hannah Rebecca

    Hannah Rebecca

     4 years ago +4

    David and Simon just kill me 
    Simon: Your hat DARLING.
    #DIMOND Lets make it a ship ;)

  • Rafael R.

    Rafael R.

     5 years ago +1

    whats the name of those 3 guys on the end of the video?

  • Rafael R.

    Rafael R.

     5 years ago +1

    whats the name of those 3 guy on 56:00

  • Snickerdoodle8P


     5 years ago +1


  • Ayan Muhamed

    Ayan Muhamed

     5 years ago +1

    i love the men <3

  • Tanja Kaller

    Tanja Kaller

     5 years ago +1

    30:50 name of the actor/song?? pls

  • Alysa Spivak

    Alysa Spivak

     3 years ago +13