I bought An Abandoned Storage Locker for $5! ... Look What I Found!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 10, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/NMa0k_KfM-4


  • Peter Mitchell

    Peter Mitchell

     2 days ago

    Picture breakdown: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and James Dean.

  • Chad Lee

    Chad Lee

     3 days ago

    Bud guitar is money.

  • Angela balogh

    Angela balogh

     3 days ago

    Plastic things are the feet to the sofas...

  • Jeff Horton

    Jeff Horton

     3 days ago

    LOL, you don't know who James Dean was.

  • F0l2saken1


     4 days ago +1

    Maybe I should start making videos, on my first attempt at this, I found a bag full of 10k and 14k gold earrings and chains, I separated the real gold from the GE and GP gold, and have at least 100 pieces, the rest of the unit was an entire woman's store. It was a 10x25 that went for $10.

  • Britanya Bailey

    Britanya Bailey

     6 days ago

    Send me the box with pot lol

  • zartish ali

    zartish ali

     6 days ago

    I feel really sad to see this vedio.this is a family stuff may be gone through crisis of unemployment n they had to empty the house n shifted there stuff in the store here.n than may be due to unemployment don't be able to pay rent.atleast there thing be returned to them.acutioned in 5$ is too unjust to the family.

  • Martin Brenmann

    Martin Brenmann

     7 days ago

    Most of it is trash.

  • ChaosmanOne


     7 days ago

    Those brown, triangular, pieces at 9:30 are the FEET for the SOFA. I work in a warehouse where there's thousands of those sofas. Yep, that's what they are.

  • L L

    L L

     14 days ago

    Wow all that for 5:00😁

  • L L

    L L

     14 days ago


  • cecilia preziose

    cecilia preziose

     14 days ago

    so what is your hourly wage rate? I see these storage lockers and how long and time does it take you to get all this stuff out, dump the trash and than sell..............??????????

  • Diego Garcia

    Diego Garcia

     21 days ago

    I love treasure hunting but the mold kills me. I once got frer access to a locker like such and threw up.

  • charleen clark

    charleen clark

     1 months ago

    I would love that dresser. Where are you located?

  • Cida Mota

    Cida Mota

     1 months ago

    Amo os vΓ­deos que vocΓͺ faz ,que Deus abenΓ§oe o seu trabalho.

  • Henry Badd

    Henry Badd

     1 months ago

    To Taco,! 1st box paid off with the HD truck. LMAO " this guy" ,this guy is the statue of Liberty! Dig your show, funny as hell sometimes. Great score on the Bud light...

  • Daryl Craypo

    Daryl Craypo

     1 months ago

    i want that Dallas Cowboys mug Taco, please, Thanks

  • cathw61


     1 months ago

    Love that you're wearing a Patagonia Ventura hat :) Used to live in Ventura CA! Love the videos!

  • Adam Goode

    Adam Goode

     1 months ago


  • Nichol Moore

    Nichol Moore

     1 months ago

    I dont like how he doesnt open stuff. We dont want to see just stuff. Think of what your viewers will find interesting.....your on the news.....it was just a helicopter