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  • Published on:  Friday, August 4, 2017
  • More tunes in our Spotify playlist! of Synthwave Music Mix. Tracks selected and mixed by our friend Cable. If you enjoyed this mix, please be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more Future Fox.Tracklist:0:00 unitrudio x SUSHIÿø - blacknite 3:49 The Storm is Coming - Endless Grid 9:00 haveSoul - Tera-love 12:15 Cyberspace - A Virtual World 15:49 Floyddshayvious & Occams Laser - Covert Operations 18:44 Traxx - In the end 23:11 Emil Rottmayer - S.O.L.O. 27:07 UNITRA - Crossing 31:11 Luxar - Heat (DUETT version) 34:36 憂鬱 - Sun 38:58 Emil Rottmayer - W.A.V.E. 44:10 Kalax - Soaring 48:17 sloslylove - Your Love 52:34 Fantom 87 - Vision Quest 56:45 Lost Years - Converter V2 01:00:51 sushi寿司 - 300Follow Cable on social media:➤➤➤➤ us on social media:➤ Twitter:➤ Facebook:➤ Soundcloud: Link:
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  • Future Fox

     1 years ago

    Going back to the future with our new Synthwave mix series mixed by the very talented Cable (! Also, you can get the best new electronic music by following our Spotify playlist:

  • the Shadow

     5 months ago

    very nice

  • evan

     7 months ago

    Alexander Slavov ...CD? Ever heard of an aux mate?

  • The Dweeb

     1 years ago

    I like to go to Bar. And then after that I like to go to Burger.

  • Kapn Kerf

     2 days ago

    Oh course you do. And you also like Cola with your Burger.

  • Emo_Cowboy

     2 months ago

    best food👌

  • Rouge

     1 years ago

    Mobile users: 0:00 unitrudio x SUSHIÿø - blacknite. 3:49 The Storm is Coming - Endless Grid .9:00 haveSoul - Tera-love .12:15 Cyberspace - A Virtual World .15:49 Floyddshayvious & Occams Laser - Covert Operations .18:44 Traxx - In the end .23:11 Emil Rottmayer - S.O.L.O. .27:07 UNITRA - Crossing .31:11 Luxar - Heat (DUETT version) .34:36 憂鬱 - Sun .38:58 Emil Rottmayer - W.A.V.E. .44:10 Kalax - Soaring .48:17 sloslylove - Your Love .52:34 Fantom 87 - Vision Quest .56:45 ...

  • Oyuncu Toprak

     1 months ago

    İve been lookin for this thx

  • Al Aiman

     9 months ago

    Rouge you will go to heaven for this

  • Grump Cynic

     1 years ago

    it's like.....the future

  • smitten kitten

     2 months ago

    @Future Fox they werrent more futuristic.... Simply because we are them but in the actual future... And planning our future from here... Now THATS futuristic... They had cool insights but here we are in 2019 .... We are the future... Let's go human race!!!

  • Jonathan Price

     1 years ago

    That visual setting is almost as alluring as the music. I love it.

  • Future Fox

     1 years ago


  • Eric Super

     1 years ago

    Headphones and a couple conscious boosters... this music is hitting my cosmic strings.

  • Big Dick Blaque

     1 years ago

    I haven't listened to any synth for a while. This playlist was phenomenal.

  • Gareth Jenkins

     1 years ago

    Link please!

  • Nuty Tehbaconlover

     1 years ago

    I see you haven't played fallot 4 for a while.

  • jamietherooster

     1 years ago

    I'm not climbing that many steps  for a burger or a beer.

  • Lucas Perte

     2 months ago

    throw in fries and im in

  • ajtronic

     3 months ago

    The Circus is lower.

  • Mr LightMode

     1 years ago

    Damn good mix. Always get excited when I see fresh synthwave mixes pop up on my recommendations!

  • Agent Smith

     1 years ago

    ohhh man it's you boy!! mr lightmode!! i'd bought one of yours helmet light kits, it's awesome!!

  • Zacharie Wilson

     1 years ago

    I listen to a lot of Synthwave, and I must say, speaking purely out of subjective opinion: this is the best one I have come across yet.The vibes and emotions just strike a chord with me, and your song choice is consistent to keep the whole mix in the right zone. Well done, Future Fox.


     1 years ago

    RmFrZQ exactly

  • Joe Norris

     1 years ago

    I too listen to a lot of Synthwave music and The Great Beyond is my favorite and in my opinion the best.