Intruder Detection System for preppers or survivalist

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 11, 2016
  • Night Watch made by Anite Company CORRECTION...Each unit comes with 8000 feet of wire
    Protect your perimeter at your homestead or retreat.
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  • XC


     1 months ago

    In your HQ you could have a high quality map of the property. Have an alarm for each sector, quarter 1 outer perimeter, quarter 2 close perimeter. Lets you quickly determine direction and distance. It may be an old system, but simple to use and set up.

  • Jeffrey Calhoun

    Jeffrey Calhoun

     a years ago +1

    I am an old survivalist!!

  • Drake Savage

    Drake Savage

     2 years ago

    Also...the wire is so fragile, it will break while you are trying to set it up. When you do get it done, the deer will set it off. Still have mine with extra wire that I ordered. A better use would be to wire it to standard magnetic alarm switches, and put those on gates.

  • Cross Soldier

    Cross Soldier

     2 years ago

    SP1...You just reminded me of how old I really am !!! Thanks ;-)

  • youtert


     2 years ago

    That thing looks like a boutique guitar effect pedal.

  • Drugstorecowboy304


     2 years ago

    What about string and some tin cans.

  • j lin

    j lin

     2 years ago

    guss im not one lol in emp the thing is tost skip next

  • mfhmonkey


     2 years ago

    So you have mentioned intruder detection before but never how high to run the wires. Too low and rabbit will set it off, too high and deer and pigs will set it off. So how do you set it for just people?

  • Ryan Patterson

    Ryan Patterson

     2 years ago

    Wouldn't wildlife like deer be setting that off all the time (assuming that you're in the country)?

  • Talking with Hope

    Talking with Hope

     2 years ago

    Dear Southern prepper Hello how are you? I like to take the time to just say thank you for teaching me a lot about prepping. I've been watching you for years on YT, even when you was on a reality show. You in a couple more Preppers really touch me many years ago to start prepping. As a black female I took every advice you gave me an advice of my own thoughts in mind started prepping. When It came to black preppers many years ago it was maybe two or three female Preppers. They're all gone .I see they have new ones I decide to come back now and start my Channel all over again. I find myself without even saying anything to White Preppers because they seem to be very stand-offish and do not seem to be friendly us black pepper. But I can respect you totally wholeheartedly from the service you did for a country. From you stating that you are not racist and you wonder why minorities do not prep. I always tell people if you want to know about prepping watch your channel sub to you. so I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for helping me along the way these many years including myself and people in my family that served in the military and me studying helping my own self.Thank ,Thank, My friend.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

     2 years ago

    Spiffy !

  • NBF1865


     2 years ago

    My intruder alert is a 240grain hollow point. It doesn't alert them it just blows their back out !

  • FuYing Bro

    FuYing Bro

     2 years ago

    Need to sell them again.

  • Ray_Biker


     2 years ago

    You can use "pull string" fireworks sold for pennies at every fireworks store. Dip it in wax for moisture resistance and tie it to a thin wire or a 6 lbs fish line. It's simple, cheap and it works.

  • Bumblebee Junction

    Bumblebee Junction

     2 years ago

    Should be easy enough to make something similar with a little basic research... Thanks for sharing ! 488

  • neil castell

    neil castell

     2 years ago

    if it still works ... its still good, ;-)

  • Ethan K.

    Ethan K.

     2 years ago

    Is there anything like this on the market.

  • James Higgs

    James Higgs

     2 years ago

    besides the wire, that could be made for a few dollars. 8000 feet of super fine wire gets expensive.

  • Charles Larson

    Charles Larson

     2 years ago

    I'm an old "survivalist" and back in the 80's my great friend Dave Epperson (who has passed) was the editor of American Survival Guide magazine. And I was featured as a "gun model" LOL!!!!! on two covers when we were out testing firearms. >;D So yes...I remember these units and so much more. Things have progressed now in the true digital age of course.....but this video brought back some great memories. So, thanks for that!

  • QuietStream Traveler

    QuietStream Traveler

     2 years ago

    I used mine for years on the job. Fantastic piece of kit. Yup...... I'm an old dude. : )