Zombie Hyperdrive - Red Eyes

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 18, 2015
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/NZf15xVrOW8


  • HexagramMan

     2 years ago

    all the comments about the keys... 80s cars were easy to hotwire kids.

  • xTFLogical Ohio

     6 days ago

    I want a truck from '85. I hear those were some rugged things.

  • Biddly Boop Bastard

     10 days ago

    Thanks dad

  • SlansLP

     22 days ago

    Dad: turn that offMe: why?Dad: we have bigger speakers downstairs

  • Briggs

     6 days ago

    SlansLP honestly This is just so cringy ik it’s a meme but jeez.

  • Kei

     1 years ago

    He's been bitten by a vampire. It's a fantasy world. He's only got minutes before it takes over and turns him. He got in his car, the police are chasing him, and he has a journey. No destination. As he slams on the pedal, one hand on the wheel, the other on the shifter, his hands shifting the gears smoothly. As if this was an everyday thing for him. He's determined, motivated, to continue, to speed up, soar down the road like an eagle. As the lights swivel and shine behind him, the sirens blaring, he's...

  • theplayboymaster

     17 days ago

    Driving down the road his autism grew more and more

  • BadBoyBrilo46

     1 months ago

    Kei love ya man

  • Azterrekt

     1 years ago

    *doing homework at the speed of light*

  • Gabriel Abraão

     3 months ago


  • R K

     4 months ago

    Azterrekt after snorting some Adderall on your roommate’s table

  • J Nada

     1 years ago

    Comment section:1) wtf no keys2) omg castlevania vibe

  • Anon Canada

     1 months ago

    hey John Nada lol ......love this character

  • harizotoh7

     1 months ago

    02:50 actually samples "Simon's Theme" from Super Castlevania.

  • chinchin 1

     6 months ago

    Lyrics:.Thank you for reading

  • EndlessNomad

     1 months ago


  • G1 Sunstreaker

     1 years ago

    dude how high up is your steering wheel

  • nathan

     2 days ago

    it looks like his shoulder is outta place 💀

  • Ben Galski

     3 days ago

    the steering wheel s in the middle + the view angle

  • Virus. exe

     2 months ago

    dude's got no keys, but the power of the 80s is all he needs to get his car started.

  • Alex Davenport

     11 days ago

    Its the 80's he stole it to go rescue someone good from someone bad

  • Rafiq Qasim

     27 days ago

    He just poured 1 can of Tab and 1 can of New Coke into his gas tank. The secret ingredient is the cocaine that was in New Coke at the time.

  • SuckTitles

     2 years ago

    0:55 is what an orgasm in the 80s sounded like

  • The Max Knight

     1 months ago

    SuckTitlesWatching some blue movies starring Seka, Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Hyapatia Lee and much more... ;-)

  • Kyle Flounder

     2 months ago

    I mean I love the guitar solo too but okayyy LMAO

  • tom slick

     3 years ago

    driving without keys? ..........sittin in parents driveway.. vrrrooom vrrrooomm!

  • pete

     2 months ago

    the most apathetic and autistic comment is always the most popular, L ul

  • Danish Kamaal

     2 months ago

    That comment was slick