Mark Zuckerberg ‘deepfake’ will remain online

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 17, 2019
  • Facebook said they will not take down a video of Mark Zuckerberg created using artificial intelligence, called a "deepfake." The company recently faced backlash for refusing to remove altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: us:Twitter:
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  • prancer71

     a months ago

    Funny, I thought all the other vids of Zuck were fake except this one

  • ____

     25 days ago

    prancer71 more likes for this one, please.

  • Slartibartfast

     25 days ago

    As a software developer of some 25+ years of software development experience I am really concerned that ethics is not taught to software developers.This deepfake development is clearly a serious ethical breech on the part of software developers.While it may, on the surface, look like fun - this sort of development is going to have a seriously negative effect on evidence in court cases.It won't be too long before a case comes to trial where the defendant is obviously guilty based on video evidence b...

  • Grow ByDoing


    Lol, you actually think courts are legal or fair? In a pigs eye

  • Rich Lee

     29 days ago

    This is a sad and pivotal moment in history. We've already had to deal with altered photographs. Now video isn't reliable as well. Even memory can be manipulated. Truth exists, but it's increasingly hard to prove.

  • colorado841

     a months ago

    It's actually called a double deep fake. It is a fake video of a robot pretending to be a human.

  • colorado841

     5 days ago

    In the real video I think he says: "I am going to go eat some batteries...I mean human food now."

  • Michael Lubin

     13 days ago

    In the real video, the robot says, "Humans? YUCK! I sure wouldn't want to be like them!"

  • Gabe Duguay

     8 days ago

    Zuckerberg has been designated a dangerous person

  • Terran Stasis

     24 days ago

    Trump will be golfing underwater with Aquaman and it's totally real.

  • Brock Madigan

     17 days ago

    that's a human we could do without.

  • Sheri Mignano

     1 months ago

    It's only going to get worse. I left in January and never looked back! Bye Bye Zuck!

  • Sarah Wales

     16 days ago

    Facebook refused to censor it?? Oh no, demand even more censorship people...

  • Lunibruniful

     10 days ago

    @Xyper00 8 it's sarcasm

  • Xyper00 8

     14 days ago


  • kiLLjoy24CALI

     29 days ago

    Do you even know the impact of these in the porn industry? Massive

  • Parz1fal

     28 days ago

    Do you have more info about this specifically? I'm a 3D character modeller and very interested in AI technology. I also like porn. Maybe there's a future in it you could open a door to?