Chris Gayle 50 in 12 balls

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 28, 2016
  • Chris Gayle 50 in 12 balls
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  • Caden Lang

     1 years ago

    I don't know anything about cricket but the title sounded cool so here I am lol

  • Twitch pineapple_ Gaming


    Paul Brown yep isn’t test cricket proper cricket

  • Teo Silverio-Castillo

     12 days ago

    Same, it seems like a weird version of baseball and it’s boring.

  • Johann Presty

     1 months ago

    gf: babe come homegayle: im in the middle of a matchgf: my parents aren't homegayle:

  • xyz yqu

     2 days ago

    @James Somers doesnt matter. Its a joke.

  • Rudicon 4U

     4 days ago

    Is the girl 12 years old? why does she still live with her parents.

  • Arihant Jain

     8 months ago

    Chris Gayle playing Cricket 07 on one star difficulty mode.

  • Mandar Kikani

     12 days ago

    Hitting shift+s on each ball

  • Oliver Nelson

     15 days ago

    @GFK Shane Warne cricket 99

  • Da NoobTuber

     7 months ago

    Chris Gayle logic:Hit. Ball. For. Six. OrHit. Ball. As. Hard. As. I. Can.

  • unrepeatable raddish

     13 days ago

    Da NoobTuber or.... try to hit ball and do fuck all in the world cup

  • Tyreek Cummings

     22 days ago

    @DroverChicago 175

  • James Simpson

     15 days ago

    0:32 did a plane just land on the crease?

  • Make things Harder

     12 days ago


  • Josh Brown

     16 days ago

    Commentators: he seems to struggle with left arm seamers.Chris Gayle: Hold my beer

  • unrepeatable raddish

     13 days ago

    Steffan Appleby is that because your boyfriend masturbates you with his left?

  • unrepeatable raddish

     13 days ago

    Josh Brown rohit sharma : no chris.... this is how you bat (goes and scores 6 world cup centuries)

  • Muggles87

     5 days ago

    Chris Gayle really doesn't like running, does he?!

  • Ben Barber

     1 months ago

    Poor bowlers , hard to live with that. I chucked 5 w in an over once. Cold fingers. I'm Still getting grief off wankers, 20 years later. Still dad won't be around forever.

  • Cruiserkid7

     23 hours ago

    Zywwe 777 His dad beat him in a game of cricket. It's a joke with good delivery.


     5 days ago

    hahahaha your dad sounds like a hoot does he call you a wide boy lol

  • 0 subscribers with No video challenge

     7 months ago

    Gayles batting is like how it is in the big bash mobile game

  • C Sniper

     1 months ago

    so true

  • Hood Ahmad Baloch

     3 months ago

    More like Stick Cricket.

  • Umer Rabbani

     21 days ago

    The Run Rate for those 2 overs was 25. Wow.

  • Matthew Morley

     13 days ago

    Thanks for breaking that down for us

  • Pace

     15 days ago

    Oh really?