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  • Published on:  Friday, June 17, 2016
  • i made a new intro because the old one made me hate everything

    Thanks to my friends for saying nothing but great things about me ♥
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Nen10q5_iDs


  • Mayo •_•

    Mayo •_•

     13 hours ago

    James:can I get my five dollars
    Jaiden: NEVER

  • maor lev

    maor lev

     2 days ago

    The first one was better......

  • Flip-a -Flop

    Flip-a -Flop

     2 days ago

    0:17-0:23 My fav part

  • Tathena Tubbs

    Tathena Tubbs

     2 days ago

    Were they all told to mess up on the script to make it funny?

    Because I thought it was funny.

  • Edgar Santos

    Edgar Santos

     2 days ago

    It's cool that Jaiden surpass most of others animators in this vids now in subscribers.

  • Lingendary :]

    Lingendary :]

     3 days ago

    U know what’s so funny? I’ve been watching jaiden for two years now, and I just realized. I HAVENT EVEN SUBSCRIBED YET on this account

  • Emerald_Fury 375

    Emerald_Fury 375

     4 days ago +1

    Great video Jaiden 🙂

  • ninten dude

    ninten dude

     4 days ago

    We need a new one

  • joseph TNI

    joseph TNI

     5 days ago +1


  • Call of Duty Mobile

    Call of Duty Mobile

     6 days ago


  • SongCat


     6 days ago

    0:00 A legend was born.

  • coolanoobie channel

    coolanoobie channel

     7 days ago

    1:30 look who is not posting enough now

  • Noah Rose

    Noah Rose

     7 days ago

    Drawing??? I did one myself!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah Rose

    Noah Rose

     7 days ago


  • Tylouie 2006

    Tylouie 2006

     7 days ago

    Lightsen :she didn't post animations that much

    everyone in the comments: well OK BOOMMER

  • Kathleen Matthews

    Kathleen Matthews

     7 days ago

    James: Can I have my $5 now???

  • Ichi Armpit

    Ichi Armpit

     7 days ago

    To summarize this whole video subscribe

  • Pinkie Plaza

    Pinkie Plaza

     7 days ago


  • Martin Hambalek

    Martin Hambalek

     7 days ago

    You are osmanthus Jaden don’t quit your job is doing whatever you wanna college but it’s awesome and you’re so optimistic it’s so funny in your first video and did you really do it on a poster I mean toaster toaster not poster I’m sorry I’m doing it on voice type so, anyway do you know I love your videos and I would love if you put me in one of your videos and just show comments because I would love that and I am really really interested in doing that

  • That Geek Out Girl

    That Geek Out Girl

     7 days ago

    Jaiden: So what are you waiting for? Click that subscribe button!
    Me: aggressively hits the subscribe button