The Graham Norton Jan 29 2016 Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Zeta-Jones,...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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  • belgian beer

     1 years ago

    Seriously this show is so much better than any American show

  • Mr. Whiskers

     6 days ago

    Not to come to American talk shows defense (because they are bad these days), but this talk show is better than any other talk show on the globe.

  • Isaiah Black

     1 years ago

    Will Smith + Ryan Reynolds = can anyone say Lethal Weapon reboot?

  • Jack Leyden

     3 days ago

    That would be awesome

  • CyberJay1226

     6 days ago

    Isaiah Black Deadpool and Hancock

  • c4blew

     1 years ago

    Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt should do a movie just being themselves!

  • Benji Winger

     1 months ago

    Keanu Reeves is a naturally cool guy... slam him in there too

  • luna_Heart_gacha

     1 months ago

    Oh and paul rudd

  • HeliRy

     1 years ago

    If Canada could be a person, it would be Ryan.

  • MyUser Name

     10 days ago


  • Joshua Schenk

     28 days ago

    Or Jim Carey

  • Snikpoh 1390

     8 months ago

    Ryan Reynolds makes anything hilarious. Will Smith makes everything smooth. Annnd movie.

  • Kc Link

     4 months ago

    Call it hilariously Smooth.

  • Mykahl Summers

     4 months ago

    Snikpoh 1390 total dream team

  • L A

     1 years ago

    will and ryan should be in a movie together...comedy for sure <3

  • Ax El

     1 months ago

    That would cost half of the movie budget just for both actors

  • Hunter's Moon

     2 months ago

    Deadshot and Deadpool in the same movie........Dayum!

  • Jordan Sullivan

     1 years ago

    I love that Graham gives the guests such great material to work with. Celebrity interviewers like Jimmy Fallon etc. always seem to create such an unnatural and forced environment where celebrities answer really uninteresting questions. People love stories, and that's what I like about this show :)

  • Wax Santiago

     2 months ago

    Obviously they research about their guests.

  • Mykahl Summers

     4 months ago

    Whaaaat? I mean I love this show but Jimmy Fallon is awesome in his own ridiculous ways. He’s got a charm about him that’s pretty unmatched I think; he’s adorable! I always have fun watching those interviews. But again, really love this show too. I love that all the guests are interactive and it’s not just a 5 minute spot for each of them. It seems like the back and forth is welcomed and he often has people on the show that have worked together before so they already know each other and have a natural ...

  • Lenka

     1 years ago

    Imagine hankock and deadpool bestfriends ?? What a wonderful world

  • Scott Cooper

     1 months ago

    @Lucas2394 well I mean he did become a hero again if you have seen the movie but I think both bad or good Hancock with deadpool would be nuts

  • Sa Fa

     2 months ago

    Sounds like a gay recipe

  • AndЯew

     1 years ago

    How was Catherine Zeta Jones never a bond girl it's beyond me

  • Just Awake

     10 days ago

    I honestly just assumed she would have been one.

  • MrChannelforwatching

     1 months ago

    @SaltyBoi UWU Oh god how could I make this mistake?

  • Pop Culture-sy

     1 years ago

    An Irish, A Brit, A Canadian, An American, and a Welsh goddess

  • Jack de la all Trades

     21 days ago

    walk into a talk bar...

  • Nixijo Kenzi

     1 months ago

    Actually the Welsh goddess is British too..the “Brit” is English...and British!