Buying Another Real Dark Web Mystery Box (Disturbing Contents) Very Scary - Do not attempt

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • Steve had to know if Dark Web Mystery Boxes were real. I advised him THEY ARE and although I wanted no part of this video, he wanted to see for himself and ordered one anyways!

    In today's video we will be doing a very scary unboxing of a real dark web mystery box and the contents are somewhat disturbing and shocking to say the least. The only way to purchase items from the deep web are by logging on anonymously and using bitcoin. Considering Steve is an IT wizard it didn't take him long to figure out the process. This time I was the one who did not want any part of it considering all the things that had gone wrong in my past video but he talked me into recording another unboxing and here is what we found!

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  • pink teddybear

    pink teddybear

     an hour ago

    The picture of the woman and the girl looks more from nowdays and the other stuff looks older

  • xxx Lilli

    xxx Lilli

     4 hours ago

    ok so u see the notes it sad she was mine then the dice might have said "she was one girl" or ''she was one love" like she was someone i loved or that she was only one girl/person

  • dwayne carter

    dwayne carter

     10 hours ago

    Wish I would have read the comments first. Only wanted to see the tape and hard drive watched. Instead we got some guys talking about a picture of nothing. Wtf

  • tjmacrae96


     11 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the flickering lights after they open the box n move wrapping???

  • gachaverse girl

    gachaverse girl

     14 hours ago

    Do you know what else is very disturbing and scary?

  • Zelda ._.

    Zelda ._.

     23 hours ago

    This better be fake because if it's real they are really messed up

  • Shourov Chakma

    Shourov Chakma

     23 hours ago +1

    Don't waste your time. This is pure CRAP. And fake. And the wanna be horror background score has made it more fake.

  • Keah Stanton

    Keah Stanton


    Maybe one is “we have one dead” and then the rest is to come...

  • Suc My Destiny

    Suc My Destiny


    Let’s plug it in to your laptop bro, after that and C4 I’m sorry I can’t support your channel. There are other people with mental disabilities that I can support, see ya never.

  • Suc My Destiny

    Suc My Destiny


    You can’t hear C4 dipshit

  • Serena Quinn

    Serena Quinn

     yesterday +1

    Hi I'm a fan but I'm 11 SO I was thinking WhAt If ThE pErSoN wHo MaDe ThIs BoX wAs WaCtHiNg ThIs ViDeO?

  • canadian chris

    canadian chris


    Ya know its fake when they go way overboard on the hyping up the video ,trying to hard to have suspence and the tatted fag is a d bag

  • Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol

    Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol


    I get it!!! These are evidences of a vigilante killing of a priest we can now suspect is a pervert and a sexual assault suspect...

  • Estie LL

    Estie LL


    I think the dice could have said "I had one love"
    Earlier on the paper it said "she was mine"
    I have a feeling it's talking about the same thing.
    Maybe this person lost someone. Would also tie into the picture with Jesus calling him a liar

  • Lock Bully

    Lock Bully



  • Tiqze


     yesterday +2

    What if the little girl in the picture is A. Barnett

  • Alexis Spark

    Alexis Spark


    I think it said (they was many dead)😨 my cousin thought that about the dice

  • Austin Mac

    Austin Mac

     2 days ago

    that was a dumb over dramatized video and probably faked

  • GamerGracie !!!

    GamerGracie !!!

     2 days ago

    It's not a type writer it's a receipt thing

  • GamerGracie !!!

    GamerGracie !!!

     2 days ago

    It's not father Tim that's not the cursive f it's either gather Tim or jather tim