Future on Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD, Finding Love & A Lot More!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/NixuuzWsEw0


  • La Flame

    La Flame

     7 months ago +651

    God damn big boy! A future interview? Those are rare af

  • Liz Khalifa

    Liz Khalifa

     7 months ago +479

    A future interview?! In 2019?! Yeah this gonna be a good ass year

  • stanley st-hilaire

    stanley st-hilaire

     7 months ago +528

    Lol big boy tried his magic jokes to make him feel comfortable but future stay in gangster mode 😭😂😂. Great interview

  • N B

    N B

     7 months ago +385

    He has Autotune in his voice

  • AD


     7 months ago +345

    Super Future, Fire Marshall, Astronaut Kid, Pluto, Future Hendrix, The Wizard AKA....🐐

  • Martin Lawrence

    Martin Lawrence

     7 months ago +395

    Future interviews is rarer than a shiny legendary Pokémon,if u know u know🤧💯

  • The VBC

    The VBC

     7 months ago +574

    Future changing up the marketing w this project. Hmmm.

  • TishaElle


     7 months ago +314

    He seemed like he didn’t want to be there in the beginning but then as the interview went on he relaxed and opened up. This is why you’re the best big boy because you get people in their comfort zones and give GREAT interviews!!!!

  • ItsOnLy DiRt

    ItsOnLy DiRt

     7 months ago +137

    Bruh got Headphones over double hoodies! 😂😂😂 them headphones A1!

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith

     7 months ago +212

    Sidenote: them shades fire. Lol



     7 months ago +100

    We gettin a album and a documentary

  • Spiky_haha


     7 months ago +121

    ''Is there anything u wanna ask me?''
    -''Uuuuhhh... N A H
    lmaoooo u gotta love this guy



     7 months ago +72

    this man smart af, i like this

  • Kyle Gordon

    Kyle Gordon

     7 months ago +117

    The WIZRD about to kill the game 🔥🔥🔥

  • ProdbyWeekz


     7 months ago +182

    Future is a lot smarter than many people think.

  • lil Reek757

    lil Reek757

     7 months ago +190

    Future that kinda cousin that being having all the gas 💨🤣💯

  • Shawn Yarrell

    Shawn Yarrell

     7 months ago +45

    Future dropped a few jewelz in this especially for people who strugglin wit tryna gain fame and noteriety and 💰 . BE YOU

  • Chrizjen J

    Chrizjen J

     7 months ago +122

    Future wont read any of these comments.

  • olivier valade

    olivier valade

     7 months ago +73

    it is very difficult to have a sound like future dude really unique

  • ItsOnLy DiRt

    ItsOnLy DiRt

     7 months ago +67

    Big boi hit it on the head....its like Everybody makes this Trap/Emo type of Music, but when Future drops...its like it hits a certain way, like this is what "they" wish they could sound like!