15 *CRAZY* Things You Never Knew About WoW!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
  • World of Warcraft has many secrets, hidden zones, Easter eggs and more. From Alpha to classic WoW to this current expansion, I go over 15 Facts about WoW you probably never knew about.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/NsYLDeF4neI


  • Lavar Ball

    Lavar Ball

     7 days ago

    Classic wow is the greatest so glad its back

  • renragged


     7 days ago

    Today I remembered back when a DoT would make you unable to eat/drink. If you tried to eat and/or drink when the DoT ticked it would make you stand up. It was sooooo frustrating because as a Mage I had to drink a LOT.

  • LyriXris


     7 days ago

    You say the same thing 3 times over just to extend the video. Lame

  • Furinyotto


     1 months ago

    the bloodfang set is in vanilla its not new lol

  • Michael Foster

    Michael Foster

     2 months ago

    If you used the old warlock spell detect invisible while on the group level of undercity / lorderon then you would see the ghosts of those that died. There is also blood on the flood in the throne room where the kings crown fell when Arthas killed him.

  • Federico Dassi

    Federico Dassi

     3 months ago

    There is a statue of liberty in the game if I remember well is near the dwarves digsite in southerners Barrens

  • Ramma Ramma

    Ramma Ramma

     3 months ago

    even now you get rank 2 spells wtf are you talking about? Garrison = player housing ffs. I stopped watching.

  • Ramma Ramma

    Ramma Ramma

     3 months ago

    LoL i think we all know more things that you don't. Like Forsaken used to understand common. I don't know whoever you are but you are just rehashing things people have known from the start even new players to the game tend to know all this.

  • hariox


     5 months ago

    Its so stupid bcs people make fun of him for saying wowd of wowkwaft

  • Dylan Wachowski

    Dylan Wachowski

     5 months ago

    A couple of these are simply just untrue....

  • minT YT

    minT YT

     7 months ago

    Why do you keep on hating Vaulty? He sounds like a good guy and all he wants is to make us smile!

  • Dan Reder

    Dan Reder

     7 months ago

    Why is you warriors legs not moving or attacks not showing tho u can see u used it lol

  • Falney


     8 months ago

    Those things you call bucklers? They aren't bucklers sorry. They are just small shields. Bucklers are held differently

  • Spartan Doge

    Spartan Doge

     8 months ago

    I now have judgement armor after 6 weeks of grinding

  • Elswordeur


     9 months ago

    2:05 wtf émerald dream 2004

  • Runty Henner

    Runty Henner

     10 months ago

    if you have a druid toon you can go to the emerald dreamway which is bigger.

  • Catbag


     11 months ago

    Couldn't you find a better picture than this pixelated mess?

  • Honditty asdasdasfa

    Honditty asdasdasfa

     11 months ago

    i miss walljumping and having to actually explore rather than just fly around everywhere

  • maryjane9110024


     a years ago

    What is with the random ads throughout the videos now?

  • CollMomo1


     a years ago

    it was called true damage not static damage and many classes had that