Grip Is Why You're Missing

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 22, 2018
  • Grip is why you're missing, but the cookbook format for learning won't solve your accuracy issues.

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  • Guerrilla Approach

    Guerrilla Approach

     a years ago +41

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  • 1inthechamber 83

    1inthechamber 83

     7 days ago

    Do you have any advice for somebody like me that is missing the outer half of my fingers on my support hand on gripping the pistol?

  • JBurgess


     7 days ago

    Jesse James at 7:26

  • Alex Richmond

    Alex Richmond

     14 days ago

    Awesome thanks for sharing this information bro

  • Andrew Anderson

    Andrew Anderson

     21 days ago

    Long video to say nothing

  • Darrell Crowson

    Darrell Crowson

     21 days ago

    Great video and even better teaching! Gonna do some dry fire training then off to the range. Subbed

  • blm148


     28 days ago


  • Craig B

    Craig B

     28 days ago

    Completely agree, grip has been overlooked for FAR too long.

  • Birdkillersteve


     1 months ago +2

    I think he is wearing the same pants as my mailman !

  • z1522


     1 months ago

    This is all "gun fashion." If you want to mess with your preconceptions, try this quick trick and see if it doesn't instantly resolve most shooting grip-related issues: Instead of exaggerating the thumbs downrange idea, just wrap the thumb of your support hand strongly overtop of the strong hand. Voila, the hands just fuse together into a single gripping entity, which also lets the trigger finger just flap away without affecting the aim. In case you wonder, that's right, thank the Israelis for this grip. Maybe skip a lot of the rest of their handling methods, but by itself this trick is a game-changer, and it overcomes a lot of initial slop if you draw poorly as well.

  • Randizle Peregoy

    Randizle Peregoy

     1 months ago

    Great stuff!!!

  • TacticsTechniques&Procedures


     1 months ago

    Keep your thumb off the fucken slide. You'll only do that once.

  • J C

    J C

     1 months ago

    Great, thanks for the vid. O bought a Glock 26 and yeappppp I’m shutting left and down, I have make a decent group but left/low 😡

  • Mark J

    Mark J

     1 months ago

    This is exactly the opposite of what Warrior Poet said in his video. Torquing your off hand against the gun helps so much with mag dumps, like the BAER drill. It isn't great to start off with, but if you can land good shots at your own pace, if you just mag dump, you will find your bullets land everwhere.

  • Paul Aboud

    Paul Aboud

     1 months ago

    Great vid but wished camera had a zoom in feature

  • Jay Bojorquez

    Jay Bojorquez

     1 months ago

    One other problem no one is addressing is body instability. Too many sway around just standing around. When they hold their arms up straight in front, especially with added weight, there's more minute but noticeable movement. This doesn't allow most people to even hit steel at 25 yards. Practice standing on one foot for a minute each, holding plank positions, holding a weight up (in pistol grip position) that's heavier than your gun also dramatically adds a great amount of overall stability to your body that then translates over perfectly to gun accuracy.

    Great example is driving a truck with no "power steering" for a long time then driving a new mid sized sedan (with power steering). Sedan will feel like a freaken feather.

    Work harder in different ways so that your main "standard" will feel like nothing.

  • Jay Bojorquez

    Jay Bojorquez

     1 months ago +3

    Dry firing fixes all this accuracy. After that only recoil management it's left.

  • Michael Coleman

    Michael Coleman

     1 months ago

    This video will get you killed in live fire. Everything you know goes out the window and fear/survival takes over in a life fire exchange. Keep practicing like the TV shows and you will die. I once had a cop as my instructor in the military. I grabbed my 9mm and put some bullets down comfort style of shooting. Once I was done shooting, he looked and me and said, I scared him because my grip was not tight and I was not focusing on the sights. Keep in mind...I was in Iraq prior to this day at the range. So we walked down to the target once everyone was done shooting, and his jaw dropped. My placement was within a grapefruit size. The PIG was speechless. I told him. I learned to shoot off of feel and both eyes open. First round is a scout. All others will follow. Know your gun. OIF and Afghanistan disabled combat vet.

  • Xavier Sandrine Demay

    Xavier Sandrine Demay

     1 months ago

    Excellent! Thx 4 the target! :)

  • Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe

     1 months ago

    1:04 (¬‿¬)