Grip Is Why You're Missing

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 22, 2018
  • Grip is why you're missing, but the cookbook format for learning won't solve your accuracy issues.

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  • Guerrilla Approach

    Guerrilla Approach

     9 months ago +16

    Link to target:

  • Elijah .M

    Elijah .M

     3 days ago

    Started training with a new EDC about 2 months ago, a Glock 19. I love the gun but have been extremely frustrated with the low and left inaccuracy. I've been going to the range at least once a week trying to diagnose the problem and wasn't getting anywhere. Watched this a second and third time before going to the range this week and am amazed at the drastic improvement. Back on target! Thanks so much! Great info, great video!!

  • mrisdn98r


     6 days ago

    Watched him closely running the 24 round target looking for reloads. God bless America. In Canada (Kanukistan) that drill would require 2 reloads as we are limited by law to 10 rounds in a mag. 😝

  • Mathis Gales

    Mathis Gales

     6 days ago

    tacticool operators lmao

  • The Tactical Agenda

    The Tactical Agenda

     12 days ago

    Grip is not the most important fundamental. And it's not why people miss. I can shoot off hand upside down with my pinky on one foot between my leg through a barricade. I've done it and it's really not that hard. The reason I can do that is trigger control... Not grip.

  • Ole Hillshire

    Ole Hillshire

     13 days ago

    This video is a big help. I work in law enforcement and during my first year I suffered big issues on the range with accuracy. We had several training officers overseeing recruits shooting. I kept getting the “You can’t shoot for shit” speech. When I asked what I was doing wrong, I was told “I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention.” They left it at that and I had to figure it out on my own.

  • arvincheech


     15 days ago

    Outstanding explanation. Tnx sir!

  • Mikie P

    Mikie P

     15 days ago


  • Upnet


     15 days ago

    Revolvers...what about revolvers?

  • RED S7VN

    RED S7VN

     16 days ago

    You're over thinking it. Watch this.

  • Rick Tilbury

    Rick Tilbury

     17 days ago

    Excellent instructor! As a martial arts instructor master instructor, I've learned that there are great competitive martial artists that are terrible martial arts insturctors. I believe for any beginner handling the gun in non shooting positions will familiarize one with their weapon. I'm sure that every great shooter was once a beginner. Thank you Sir. You are a very good teacher.

  • Matthew Acosta

    Matthew Acosta

     18 days ago

    For those of you who think this is accurate. Watch Pat Mac.

  • Bill Randall

    Bill Randall

     18 days ago

    this is match, or military stuff, when you can wear ear protection, have good light, etc. When it's for real, nobody's got this sort of accuracy, man.

  • Andrew


     20 days ago +3

    Holy crap. Great explanation, and I'm only 4:30 in. I use MantisX and was averaging an 81 before this video. Paused at 4:30, did 50 rounds, bam I'm hitting 90's pretty regularly.
    The contact/pressure diagram at 4:30 helped a LOT.

  • Hoplophile enXpistw

    Hoplophile enXpistw

     22 days ago

    Get a CZ P-01 or better yet a SP-01 Tactical to replace your G19. More frame to get your left thumb on, and steel (instead of polymer) makes for less of a snap for better follow up shots.

  • Douglas Ronoh

    Douglas Ronoh

     22 days ago

    Good lessons

  • COgunLover


     24 days ago

    Great video. Very interesting. I am curious to see how I can do

  • Potato Gunn

    Potato Gunn

     26 days ago

    I wonder if this guy has ever been with a whore or wet his bed?

  • Gabriel Calvillo

    Gabriel Calvillo

     26 days ago

    Is he wearing mailman pants?? Hmmmm

  • This Is Tyrell

    This Is Tyrell

     1 months ago

    Great subscriber