Hermitcraft 6: Episode 47: G-TEAM FLAG DEFENSE!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • Hermitcraft 6: Episode 47: G-TEAM FLAG DEFENSE! in todays minecraft hermitcraft episode. This took me 3 whole days to make, it was so much harder than I thought! It's tested and should defend our flag!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/O2rGVknuOIU


  • Daniel Auen

     5 months ago

    was kinda hoping for an Infinity maze

  • Runic Flower



  • Marcus Duby

     10 days ago

    Evil. You are evil

  • mzodie

     2 months ago

    I absolutely adore every time stressmonster101 is in your videos. She’s so sweet and genuine — what a joy

  • Claire Lin

     2 days ago


  • Tg Pepper

     8 days ago

    And her accent is neat

  • This Noob

     5 months ago

    He can do redstone?WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH GRIAN?!!!??

  • Cartoony Pirate

     8 days ago

    The chicken in the man costume dressed as the chicken

  • [}team Virus{]

     2 months ago

    My frantic attempt to catch up with this series has led me to binging the play list at 11:45 pm

  • Officer Earl



  • A_fox_on_the_road

     5 months ago

    4:03 It's the Zelda "Something interesting happened - theme"

  • Lucas Theophanous

     5 hours ago


  • El Gweedy

     2 days ago

    Cool Gamimgness 10 Loz

  • Green Lemon

     5 months ago

    Grian!There is a flaw in your redstone!(Or at least i think so.)They could get trough without any lavadispensing if they step on your pressure plate one time, wait for the lava and step on the pressureplate a second time; they just need to wait for the lava to disappeir.After that they could easiely step through.

  • MR.Quackers YT

     11 days ago

    It’s solvable have a regular piston with a red stone block and it can’t retract it therefore it’s always going to be on

  • Peeslosh but Supreme

     20 days ago

    Bajar Theloler Ah, a man of culture as well.

  • Skye Wainman

     1 months ago

    "LoOk At mE i'M sTrEsSmOnStEr" * falls in lava *lets pretend that didn't happen :3

  • Lottie

     5 months ago

    You should make some decoy flags! Maybe have one with a dark grey/no border, or switch the green and blue up!you could place these in believable but bad hiding spots and trick the star team! Once someone takes one, they get blown up but they still think they have another flag!

  • Ryan Dane

     3 months ago


  • Johan Florin

     5 months ago

    Many improvements can be made to make it harder but still not unfair, because the course can be cheated at a few points, for example: 1. The first block that pops out in the parkour should retract automatically after some time so they can't stand on it too long or at least make it react earlier so that they can't just jump through when it's already out, like at 20:47.2. The block that pushes the player should also react much earlier, because a decent parkourer like Grian for example (they will obv...

  • RainbowFart Kitty

     4 days ago

    And btw the hermits are good sports and like to play Minecraft for fun, they don’t skip challenges, they are respectable players

  • Evia Woven

     5 days ago

    its not that deep ✌️😔😔

  • Jorge Cadme

     5 months ago

    Grian should have hired Grian to be the guinea pig.

  • Blaze Rod Gaming

     2 days ago


  • wilfredly gaming

     a months ago

    i like that