Barack Obama Gets Roasted and Subtweets Trump in South Africa | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • Barack Obama gets teased about his dance moves during a tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, and the former president throws some not-so-subtle shade at President Trump.

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  • love bey

    love bey

     7 days ago

    Remember those coffins Obama brought in.. They want to impeach trump and put "chaos" law in place...we we'll have to fight soon or leavr fast.

  • Fred Midtgaard

    Fred Midtgaard

     7 days ago

    0:32 "He is actually from Norway!" Haha, but the truth is that Obama is so popular here in Norway that he could become prime minister by simple acclamation. No voting needed! More than 90% approve of Obama's work, but less than 10% approve of Trump.

  • Chika Eze

    Chika Eze

     7 days ago +1

    S.A have one of the must stupid President I can tell you that.

  • Black Diva

    Black Diva

     14 days ago

    And yet South Africans killing other Africans in their country

  • Breezy Tyroné

    Breezy Tyroné

     14 days ago

    The Biggest Lier is Obama, His Wife was a Men

  • Time 2 stick 2gether !! Thomas

    Time 2 stick 2gether !! Thomas

     14 days ago +1

    That's when America had a real President.. one who could speak so eloquently, and did'nt need a teleprompter..For 8 years, we had a Lucky #...It was # 44.

  • Ursula Reeg

    Ursula Reeg

     14 days ago

    Don't you miss him?

  • George Dunn

    George Dunn

     14 days ago

    But that "lie" and "liar" are such conveniently short words, "trump" could replace them. ["Don't trump to my face, Boris; I can tell when you're trumping!"] ["Oh, Jennifer is such a trumper."]

  • Syneathia Bell

    Syneathia Bell

     14 days ago

    Too late... that Junior is out now Baby!...That was to funny Trevor.

  • Beverly Vinson

    Beverly Vinson

     21 days ago

    Liar, Baby, rascists, IDIOT , unfit, pig, and
    Grifter!! Thats trump whole lot more .

  • muhammed sowe

    muhammed sowe

     21 days ago

    Don jnr is ou baby😂😂😂😂

  • Olivia Tom

    Olivia Tom

     21 days ago

    Had no idea he was on a dancing show.

  • Lupe Silva

    Lupe Silva

     21 days ago

    OMG too funny, yet oddly sad and true

  • Thomas Anderson

    Thomas Anderson

     1 months ago

    So this is where that GIF came from! 🤣🤣

  • Carolina Murtha

    Carolina Murtha

     1 months ago

    When are we going to get at least 5 minute straight of Trevor doing his routines on Dancing with the Stars? He looks so young and cuter but gosh damn, he commands that stage.

  • Brian Ko

    Brian Ko

     1 months ago

    Why has everyone forgot about Pinocchio's (obozo) over 4000 lies?

  • Carmine Dome

    Carmine Dome

     1 months ago

    Trevor is a real funny guy but how the hell is a Trump a liar? lol fool media

  • stephanie marshall

    stephanie marshall

     2 months ago

    Two in one, Trevor and Obama, I love it!!!!

  • LOLA G.

    LOLA G.

     2 months ago

    I miss President Obama.

  • Jameel Sazam

    Jameel Sazam

     2 months ago

    I like this instead of saying "you're lying" just say (you're trumping)
    Wait isn't that something like trumped up as in false😁