Buying a Mystery Box on The Dark Web UPDATE! I Had to Call the FBI...

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
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    Buying a Mystery Box on The Dark Web UPDATE! I Had to Call the FBI...

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  • ZachGT


     a years ago +19


  • Jarn


     5 days ago

    LOL that e on that box logo is literally in a different galaxy

  • Y Qwervi

    Y Qwervi

     7 days ago


  • Ginger Bread

    Ginger Bread

     a months ago

    wow ur cool 🙃



     2 months ago


  • Tristan Ayers

    Tristan Ayers

     3 months ago +1

    When you're opening a Dark Web mystery box, expect to find human parts. In fact, hope for human parts, or traumatize yourself with your thoughts to the point to where a corpse is just another thing in life.

  • alpha wolf

    alpha wolf

     4 months ago

    This is probably the most stupied and fake vid i have ever seen dude

  • Shawn Brandt

    Shawn Brandt

     4 months ago

    The only crime committed here is the click-bait-y title.

  • Music Easel Cat

    Music Easel Cat

     4 months ago

    Supreme is so cool. You're so fashionable.

  • gluegle gluegle

    gluegle gluegle

     4 months ago

    You live in Palm Springs north in florida

  • Samarjit Mukherjee

    Samarjit Mukherjee

     5 months ago

    Get some real job dude. People are not fools and we do know what are the consequences for buying this stuff from this websites. Be a responsible blogger man. Don't try to use this type of content to get famous and earn money from YouTube, this is a cheap publicity. Guys please DON'T GET INTO DARK WEB. IT CAN NOT ONLY GET YOU ARRESTED OR HURT, YOU CAN ALSO GET KILLED, THAT IS HOW THE DARK WEB IS.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🙏 DON'T GET INTO DARK WEB....

  • Madison Ramsey

    Madison Ramsey

     5 months ago

    Wtf? Why is there a gun behind you? Is that a fake?

  • Seander


     5 months ago

    What was your earlier video name so I can watch it.

  • Ego Planer

    Ego Planer

     6 months ago

    you look like liar. Your eyes, your hand movements

  • Charlie Ellison

    Charlie Ellison

     6 months ago

    So you contacted the police about this and your not arrested and you Also tell people how to get on the dark web😑🙏 boiiii

  • alextheskaterdude07


     7 months ago

    You should’ve linked the url to the original video dude

  • Steven Conn

    Steven Conn

     7 months ago

    So if this was real, you would be held for questioning. BY THE FBI. Now that we have deemed your video fake, can you please explain why you are acting all fine with and going to buy another one if you were really that f*cked up about it? You wouldn’t. Yet another box would mean more investigations for you which then would link you to yet another crime. Plus buying stuff on the dark web is pretty fricking illegal, so you would be detained for telling the police about that. Plus you posted it on YouTube, so maybe the dark web crazies won’t track you but now that you’ve alerted the authorities, they can easily track you and your computer any time you’re online (that’s IF they didn’t detain you, which they most certainly would have) which means they would be watching to see who and where you bought these. Plus a lot of government organizations have contacts on the dark web (if they themselves are not already on it and monitoring it) and as such would have their own hackers and counter hackers working tirelessly to stop idiots like you from purchasing crime scene items such as “a bloody screwdriver” and if they didn’t get in time to stop you then they would recognize the transaction had taken place and do their best to trace the ip of you (which they already have from you uploading videos without a vpn which is how exactly what you do, without a vpn for YouTube videos) and the person who may or may not be linked to a crime scene. I mean, Sony got hacked TWICE in a 24 hour period, what makes you think the government doesn’t have their own hackers as good as (if not better than) the hackers/ covers on the dark web. Come on man, you need to do better than this. I think I have seen about 2 video unboxings that could potentially have me convinced that they were purchased on the dark web and I have seen ALOT of these types of videos, not just on YouTube either. So keep up the good acting but back up your claims a little better than “the fbi are investigating” because if they really were, you’d be detained for 1. Withholding evidence (even if the items were not in your possession) and 2. Buying items illegally and 3. For questioning if any of the aforementioned somehow doesn’t apply to some 18 year old kid on YouTube. Thanks for reading and have a great day

  • BluePulsar


     8 months ago

    Buys a deep web mystery box and shits brix and calls the FBI.
    ''iLl dO mOrE mYsTeRy bOx ViDeOs ''

  • Delta Squad 11TD

    Delta Squad 11TD

     8 months ago

    Hi bro

  • Amanda Kari Cunningham

    Amanda Kari Cunningham

     8 months ago

    I call