When This Neglected Dog Was Released From Her Chains, Her First Steps Of Freedom Were Magical

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 26, 2018
  • Please make a small donation & help Dogs Deserve Better continue saving lives:

    A dog had spent most of her life tethered by chains, unable to experience freedom. So, when she was finally rescued and able to run free, it was a completely new concept to her. Needless to say, then, her first liberated steps were completely magical.

    Dogs Deserve Better is a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Smithfield, Virginia. Since 2002 the group has rescued countless canines from lives of suffering. However, its main area of focus is to bring tethered and penned animals out of the cold and into people’s hearts.

    In 2015 the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, Amy Hines, was driving in Kentucky when she came across a harrowing sight. In the yard of a property, Hines found a number of desperate doggies all chained up with no shelter in sight.

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  • videoinspirational


     11 months ago +13

    Please make a small donation & help Dogs Deserve Better continue saving lives:

  • Sydney Peppell

    Sydney Peppell

     2 months ago

    Freedom with a leash? What?

  • Norma Kasday

    Norma Kasday

     5 months ago

    Ms Hins, you are a God send, thanks for all your work! Why would humans do this cruelty.

  • Charlotte Nasise

    Charlotte Nasise

     5 months ago

    I can't understand why people are so cruel to animals

  • grow flowers for the bees please

    grow flowers for the bees please

     6 months ago +1

    Handsome Gorgeous dog..love only. God knows Everything. I would HUG THIS gift Everyday!! AMEN.

  • K.J’s Kaleidoscope 1229

    K.J’s Kaleidoscope 1229

     6 months ago

    Great rescue story

  • Romeo  Cortez

    Romeo Cortez

     6 months ago

    Owners that chained animals. Should b chained n left outside so they would know the feeling of what torture is.

  • Maria Matura

    Maria Matura

     8 months ago

    Punish those monsters unscrupulous evil people must be charged to stop others to do the same

  • Ginny Bagwell

    Ginny Bagwell

     10 months ago

    This so horrible to hold on to dogs you are neglecting for what? So they can die. Don't understand people who are nothing wrong in what they do. People like that never see any wrong in what they do. They should NEVER be allowed to own any animal.

  • Demettrious Abbott

    Demettrious Abbott

     10 months ago

    I've always wondered how people can be so cruel. Because just imagine how they would feel chained starved dehydrated. And shown know love. This story is so sad I have know words to describe my feelings. But I'm happy to hear that the owners see the evidence neglect and abuse and have changed their ways.

  • Ruth Werner

    Ruth Werner

     10 months ago

    Thank you dear lady for helping these poor dogs

  • zigzag 580

    zigzag 580

     10 months ago


  • OLo


     10 months ago

    I would like to find those owners and chain them.up!

  • Muir Woods

    Muir Woods

     10 months ago

    God bless her heart and her work!

  • Elzbeth Dempseyjones

    Elzbeth Dempseyjones

     10 months ago

    So she was trespassing, hope someone shoots Hines in the head and feed some starving dogs..
    Bow wow..
    The dogs after vaccines cost $1200 wolfhound pups can cost more.. Hines seems to have motives for everything she does...
    Money holds sway, but is it really for the dogs or her reputation?

  • Dennis Bell

    Dennis Bell

     11 months ago

    Their abuser should be chained up outside n the cold!!

  • Victoria Makin

    Victoria Makin

     11 months ago

    Thank god for people who really care, so sad. But, now FREE! U GET AN A+++ For saving there life's! I like happy ending. Poor animals that have to go threw that. I rescued an animal also, I still have her after 5 in a half beautiful years together she has come a long long ways!! I love her so much, would be lost without her. She's very spoiled.. Thank u again for caring who saved those dog's!! Like Bob Barker, said get ur pets spaded and neutered. AMEN!!!

  • AM G

    AM G

     11 months ago

    WHERE is the video if them running? Only still pictures?

  • joan jarrette

    joan jarrette

     11 months ago

    Why talk like baby..not doggies..dogs ok!

  • Today Now

    Today Now

     11 months ago +2

    Wonderful video, glad to see most of the dogs saved, why does someone keep dogs that flat out does not want to care for them is a mystery to me.