Daenerys Targaryen Is Anakin Skywalker

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • It dawns on me that the abrupt, out of character character flip of Daenerys in Game of Thrones is familiar. Here are my thoughts on it.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/OdBC1lEVGDo


  • ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ

    ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ

     4 hours ago

    Anakin was showing signs of being a bad guy from the clone wars. I don't know what you talking about.

  • Scruffygitt


     yesterday +1

    LOL @ the thumbnail with the time stamp in the corner

    daenerys= anal

  • ktelle



    NOPE. anakin’s turn to the dark side is gradual and makes waaaaaay more sense than daenerys’ sudden baseless murder spree. anakin’s turn was rooted right from the start of his arc. don’t do my boy dirty like this

  • Matěj Kamarád

    Matěj Kamarád

     6 days ago

    Anakin is beater

  • Billy Jolly

    Billy Jolly

     21 days ago

    Can you imagine if Walter White went down this road? Instead of poisoning brock (because of gus breathing down his neck for distraction.) walt could of got his gun for no reason for his cancer, got his gun and said: fuck u people, and oh yeah I kill kids as well because my wife, gus, my cancer, my meth, its pressure.... yes kill them all, and I got a lawyer that can justify my action turning bad....

  • King ArtEmiz 2XXX

    King ArtEmiz 2XXX

     2 months ago

    Jon:"Only Targaryens deal in absolutes. I will do what I must."

    Dany:"You will try."

  • Rosamund Powell

    Rosamund Powell

     2 months ago

    The difference is that Dany's flip toward evil was abrupt and came out of no where. Anakin's flip was set up since the moment he set eyes on Padme Amidala and was reluctant to leave Shmi in Episode I. His flip developed further when he and Padme fell in love and he killed the Tuskens out of revenge for Shmi's death in Episode II. If you honestly thought that Anakin's turn to evil was rushed, then I can only assume that you are either a moron or you weren't paying attention to the trilogy as a whole. I won't be subscribing.

  • Tiana


     2 months ago

    Except we had a whole movie about Anakin and we all know why he turned bad. With Daenerys we had one episode lol and what you call foreshadowing it's soooo wrong.
    In the world she lives, everyone in charge kills people who betray them and out of all them SHE was the one who hated doing that the most... Arya kills a whole house Frey after feeding the sons to their father in a pie and walks out smiling, Sansa gets hypnotised watching and enjoying dogs eat her rapist. Jon kills a lil orphan boy. THEY ALL DID IT. It's the world they live in.
    If Arya went mad, would you have said " Oh it was foreshadowed all along" ?
    That wasn't foreshadowing to madness at all. She should have ended up as the mad Queen, yes, but her story was poorly developed for it. Anakins story going bad made sense. Hers didn't at all.
    That is the difference.

  • Daenerys was just Remodeling

    Daenerys was just Remodeling

     2 months ago +1

    This was too accurate. I hate Daenerys's turn btw. Abrupt or not.

  • MTX157


     2 months ago

    Darth Vader > Daenarys

  • KingNazaru


     2 months ago

    Anakin turned to the Dark Side because he wanted to save his wife from dying from pregnancy. Darth Sidious told him to embrace the Dark Side completely as that was the only way to gain the power to do so. That’s why he slaughtered innocent children and the Separatists (Also because the Separatists were enemies of the Republic). Also Anakin had been feeling his faith in the Jedi wane due to them keeping him from Padame and his mother, holding him back from gaining rank and power. It was justified. Daenerys going mad wasn’t. It was rushed and it didn’t fit her character motives. Plus there were better ways to achieve her goal, especially after King’s Landing surrendered. What I’m basically getting at is that you’re wrong and an idiot for not thinking this idea through.

  • zakk wayne

    zakk wayne

     3 months ago

    Nobody was upset with what Danny did to those poor innocent people we were pissed off what happened with Jon the entire season..

  • adam cimand

    adam cimand

     3 months ago

    Did Daenerys slaughter a bunch of villagers when she got mad prior to the final episodes? Maybe Mr. Jahns' hates of the prequels so much he forgot there was more than one movie.

  • Christoph Mahler

    Christoph Mahler

     3 months ago

    The INCEL QUEENS - rejected by their love interests before their grab of uunliimited powah - should unite and anounce publicly the thick bond between Emila Clarke and Hayden Christensen in 2019:

    Borderline winning ...

  • ELVIS1975T


     3 months ago

    I can give Anakin's rapid turn a little break because it's a movie and they didn't have enough time but Daenerys had 8 fucking seasons

  • ELVIS1975T


     3 months ago

    I'm first and foremost a STAR WARS fan, who was born in the era of the original trilogy but now a major prequel fan (which is rare) AND a Game of Thrones fan, and I completely agree with you.

  • Ustealth


     3 months ago

    Dude, you are an idiot and a tool.

  • Justin Woods

    Justin Woods

     3 months ago

    I don’t think anakin’s flip was as sudden as you make it out, but the similarities are still there, as well as a mass of disappointment following the flips

  • shingeki no

    shingeki no

     3 months ago

    Even in the rush, there are the same.

  • John D. Wick

    John D. Wick

     3 months ago

    Daenerys and Ramsey Bolton were meant for each other... sigh John Snow stabbed her in the guts right in front of the throne, Ramsey would've banged her on the throne after a good old genocide