We Tried Louis Vuitton's $995 Headphones

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 26, 2019
  • Louis Vuitton is getting in on the wireless headphone game. These Horizon earbuds will cost you $1,000. You could get six sets of AirPods for that. So, are they worth the price?

    Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house known for its high-end bags, luggage, clothes, and accessories. And everything it makes has the ubiquitous LV logo on it. So when we found out it was making headphones, we knew we had to try them out.

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    We Tried Louis Vuitton's $995 Headphones
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Oe8hx4FPXss


  • conamus


     14 hours ago

    airpod 1 users
    Sorry I don’t speak broke boy

    AirPod 2 users
    Hey Siri translate broke boy

    Lous Vuitton users
    I use AirPods like rocks to distract the Area 51 gaurds




    I would give this shit a 3 out of 100

  • John Smitherson

    John Smitherson


    For the Stupid rich..

  • Mank


     2 days ago +1

    Hey at least u made money back

  • Logan T

    Logan T

     5 days ago

    AirPods: “Am I a joke to you?!”

  • I’m unknown

    I’m unknown

     6 days ago

    If you are trying to buy these, I don’t recommend them either. They make my ear canal red as they are really uncomfortable and idk why I bought 2 of these well I got more but I smashed them with my friends for fun.

  • chris pudwill

    chris pudwill

     7 days ago

    Shes a cuttie

  • Buchanan Games

    Buchanan Games

     7 days ago

    $700 for ‘LV’ 😂😂 ..i study business; i will never understand how people pay more for brands and logos

  • Mia Aqilah

    Mia Aqilah

     7 days ago

    Take anything take diapers put LV. Woah 1pcs 150



     14 days ago

    Mahal ya tulisannya :v

  • Hexus Mexus

    Hexus Mexus

     14 days ago

    I had these they were awful the quality was really bad and actually felt a bit tacky

  • Chloe Wilcox

    Chloe Wilcox

     14 days ago

    Louis Vuitton has left the chat

  • CB Bikes UK

    CB Bikes UK

     14 days ago

    what a load of crap, they look shi* £5.99 ebay china crap with a logo on them. Who ever buys them is a true mug

  • Never seen before

    Never seen before

     14 days ago

    But it is not ip 68

  • Joe Blow

    Joe Blow

     21 days ago +1

    Louie Shitton and crapple iJunk should colab and build a $20,000 iTrash phone so they can sell more phones

  • a s t r o - p a s t e l

    a s t r o - p a s t e l

     1 months ago +1

    Louis Vuitton’s earbuds: comment
    Apple’s $999 monitor stand: like

    let’s see which one is more outrageous

  • Rəməmbər Mə

    Rəməmbər Mə

     1 months ago +1

    Me:How About A Free Airbods
    People:Can We Sell Our Bodies Please ●-●

  • Ethan Almeida

    Ethan Almeida

     1 months ago

    The price is too gatdamn high

  • YourSinisterDoge 27

    YourSinisterDoge 27

     1 months ago

    Gucci: Hold my beer.

  • Mixed mood edits

    Mixed mood edits

     1 months ago