Making Clay Pins | Pastel Goth Theme

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 8, 2020
  • I tried making clay pins today out of polymer clay. Watch & learn how I make clay pins- I ended up making some very creepy cute polymer clay monsters with a pastel goth theme. I was inspired to use pastel colors after watching @Dollightful use them in her latest video. These are completely handmade pins- sort of a polymer clay beginner type tutorial video. Making pins wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be but it did take a while- it took about 2 days for the whole process including the painting clay pins part. I did run out of some pin backs so I turned the leftover pins into clay magnets, which actually works out because I could stick some magnets to my whiteboard. I made these polymer clay pins out of sculpey clay- that just happens to be my go-to clay, I really like the quality. Normally I use Posca pens to paint literally everythingggg but I had to mix up some pastel paints for these pins since I was going for a pastel goth theme for my diy pins and Posca doesn’t really have many pastel color options, which really is a bummer. This is sort of a clay pin vlog type video kinda… I hope you enjoy it!

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