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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 3, 2019
  • Grinding Puma Mania on NBA 2K20 to be the #1 ranked player on Google Stadia.
    My last Stadia video: https://www.faceclips.net/video/BQVFg8ogPNE/video.html
    ImDavisss: https://www.faceclips.net/video/Di3NQp6N29I/video.html

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Oez_9pQIuOc


  • Zack Mills

    Zack Mills


    I see you with the helmet fresh off the short bus. I'm dead!

  • BeEp Dj

    BeEp Dj

     4 days ago

    Nigga said let’s get it big dick

  • zinccGlo


     7 days ago

    Davis and agent yall mean yall was joking that lil kid

  • The Old Shoes

    The Old Shoes

     7 days ago

    id like to play against you bro.... garentee you im one of the best there is....no joke... anyways PC Players add my steam (JimmiexJames) and if you dont think im legit one of the best big man then thats that.... agent 00 ready to play when you are bro ...i got it on pc cuz i missed it too much

  • dillon Senga

    dillon Senga

     7 days ago

    Lazy eye

  • Anthony Raio

    Anthony Raio

     14 days ago

    He ain't on the stadia I see his controller at a part and it's the Xbox elite controller

  • Alejandro M

    Alejandro M

     14 days ago

    Fresh out the short bus 😂😂😂

  • Jeff


     14 days ago

    4:58 quote on quote stadia

  • Adonis Mcgee

    Adonis Mcgee

     14 days ago

    Did he just say big d***

  • Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

     14 days ago

    If you all ever need an extra body feel free to add me on Stadia @Griot#5103

  • CombatMilk


     21 days ago +5

    “Your center of gravity is thrown off by your abnormally large caboose” 😭😭

  • SorryNotSorry0_0


     21 days ago +1

    4:35 thank you for respecting the drip

  • Zair Hale

    Zair Hale

     21 days ago

    Soooo we just gonna ignore when agent said “GET IT BIG DICK!!!”???? Major paussseeee

  • GrandNoodleLite


     21 days ago

    I'd bet anything he didn't have game mode enabled on his tv. Every review I've seen online says Stadia is better on a chromecast ultra, and I've had the same experience. For me, it's great on chrome if I have hardware acceleration enabled, and best on chromecast with game mode.

  • clnk potato

    clnk potato

     21 days ago

    4:58 is that a xbox controller hmmm...?

  • Toxic Cracchead

    Toxic Cracchead

     21 days ago

    4:35 wait min what u say???

  • * KEVIN

    * KEVIN

     28 days ago

    Fucking agent activating my google home at 5:15 smh

  • Jay Kurious

    Jay Kurious

     28 days ago

    LMAO, when you told the your google home to play nba 2k20 on the desktop... My google home re spawned now its playing music LOL. Thanks my guy XD

  • Troy Stinson

    Troy Stinson

     28 days ago

    If Davis got that much u think he could give me some vc😂

  • Davis Shu

    Davis Shu

     28 days ago

    Bruh I play on that tv latency