Extreme Weather Shelter and Scoop Stove

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 13, 2011
  • To me, extreme weather can be several things. Wind in the form of socking the cold right thru you or snapping off branches and them falling on you. rain can beat down your tarp or tent and even wash the ground out from under you in extreme circumstances.This is the shelter I use in those conditions to get a good nights sleep. It got kinda dark when I tried to show the scoop stove at the end. I may have to show more of it in another video.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Oh6xGGjW5R8


  • Reallybigmonkey1


     a years ago +739

    Im still getting comments regarding why didn't you do this, why did you do this or that, why carry rope, why not a hammock, why not a tent. Read the title, this is for extreme weather. The idea behind this and especially the rope barrier is an attempt to stop falling branches and debris when in a wooded area. Also very handy for if mild flooding hits your campsite overnight. If you don't like my methods of doing things then just don't do what I do. EDITED 2019 = I guess Ive gotten at least 300 comments on this being a bear burrito. Whats folks don't understand or even comprehend is you are no safer from bears in a hammock or a tent. Gee, will the fabric of a hammock magically protect you?

  • Jenn Martinello

    Jenn Martinello

     3 hours ago

    Love it! This looks fun, and satisfying. I am going to try it.

  • Apaulo Thegreat

    Apaulo Thegreat

     9 hours ago

    I had a very good video sir I'm glad you had your dad with you oh by the way was that cowboy coffee AR south Louisiana very entertaining video definitely learn something continue on making videos God bless you and your family God bless our President pray for him and most of all our country hadn't been run over by Nazis were all in the woods but maybe that's up a creek without a paddle either way take care

  • Kip Kennedy

    Kip Kennedy


    Some good ideas. I spent many years hitchhiking/camping with a nylon hammock and space blanket for my shelter.

  • Loretta Chardin

    Loretta Chardin


    Cute guy with a sexy accent!

  • A. Joe

    A. Joe


    What the heck was movin' behind you from 13:08 to 13:12?!?

  • southtown j

    southtown j


    Ever see an alien or a big foot out there sleeping. Your great son, enjoyed your wisdom!

  • Rodolfo Vargas

    Rodolfo Vargas


    Brother, I'm new to your channel, and I noticed your very pronunced accent and I am just wondering, where are you from exactly? Nice job on the video. Thanks.

  • Ernesto Torres

    Ernesto Torres


    I don't know if that gel is edible, but it does have ethanol (alcohol) in it. I bet it tastes terrible.

  • Ernesto Torres

    Ernesto Torres


    Where can I get that knife?

  • John Giff

    John Giff

     yesterday +1

    That is great information. Thank you so much for your video.

  • Archer Lane

    Archer Lane

     2 days ago

    It's sleep walking proof... Widow maker proof...Rain proof... Flash flood proof... Everything but lightening proof... Now I want to know where you are from cause you sound just like me when I'm not trying to sound like someone else...

  • Buck Great Dane

    Buck Great Dane

     2 days ago +1

    Nice work .

  • Karl Taylor

    Karl Taylor

     3 days ago +1

    1st time I've seen this video. Brilliant job with the shelter, and that stove is genius.

  • srvfan454


     4 days ago

    That looks like something me and my little brother would have built camping in my grandpa's pasture! Happy memories!

  • jeannie elliott

    jeannie elliott

     4 days ago +1

    ok, got the tree limbs covered, now how to stop the incessant, alarming, sound of falling acorns and mad squirrels... Great video :) Thanks for the tips!

  • Jason Storey

    Jason Storey

     4 days ago +1

    How'd you make the stove? I really struggle to find level ground for my stove and often trip over it...I'm pretty blind. This would solve a lot of problems I have.

  • Alex Pop

    Alex Pop

     5 days ago

    is that a west virginia accent?

  • Sarah Sorenson

    Sarah Sorenson

     5 days ago +1

    Is that an old alice pack from service? i know i used one and just recently gave up on it and traded for a better pack. but that dang thing served me well in service and out of service.

  • Chris Greene

    Chris Greene

     5 days ago

    Great stuff... but please get another camera operator.