They Remade Revenge In Minecraft

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 19, 2019
  • Happy 8th birthday to my son, Revenge.
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    Outro Song:
    Ostwolf - Just Love Me (feat. Elle Vee)
    Video link:

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  • Mr. Random

    Mr. Random

     an hour ago


  • Maximus knudsen

    Maximus knudsen

     18 hours ago

    Grab some armor make some dimonds

  • Adora Shepherd Animations And Spigetti

    Adora Shepherd Animations And Spigetti

     21 hours ago

    I was born

  • Orgilsto Sergelen

    Orgilsto Sergelen


    then he just sits there like "._." for the whole song

  • Windz _YT

    Windz _YT

     yesterday +1


  • Gamer Gavin

    Gamer Gavin


    i was born when revenge came out me and revenge are the same age!!!!

  • gail ragoobar

    gail ragoobar


    Creeper.....You Guys Can Finish It....❎

  • Nathaniel Ryals

    Nathaniel Ryals


    It said I was the 1st one

  • Nathaniel Ryals

    Nathaniel Ryals


    I watched it when I was 1

  • 8-Bit Fox

    8-Bit Fox

     2 days ago

    Dude i love that song i still listening to it sometimes :3

  • Gacha Gamer [Expensive]

    Gacha Gamer [Expensive]

     2 days ago

    Complete The music

  • Yzel Angeles

    Yzel Angeles

     2 days ago

    15:35 You hear a sound, turn around and look up. Total shock fills your body

  • Creeper, aw man

    Creeper, aw man

     2 days ago

    Creepuh AW MAN

  • Hunter Ganer

    Hunter Ganer

     2 days ago

    putangina mo....

    can anyone know that word my friend just tell me that wierd word

  • Raul Juarez

    Raul Juarez

     2 days ago

    Revenge came out when I was born

  • Seline Hutagalung

    Seline Hutagalung

     3 days ago

    Creeper, Aww man
    So we back in the mine

  • Xbłøxgãmęr Mÿ vìdēô ßūčkś

    Xbłøxgãmęr Mÿ vìdēô ßūčkś

     3 days ago

    I remember when it came out

  • A wierd freak with no friends

    A wierd freak with no friends

     3 days ago

    2011: no

    2019: Me: doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ush-
    Someone: CREEPER
    Me: I wasn't singing the parody-

  • Em3ra1d Gamer

    Em3ra1d Gamer

     3 days ago

    This vid came out on my b day and I didn't notice until now

  • Simon the Sock

    Simon the Sock

     4 days ago

    CaptainSparklez: 3:42