Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • Miley Cyrus and Jimmy compete as they try to guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time, like Miley's own "Party in the U.S.A."

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    Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus

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  • Adriana Galindo

     (Dec 13, 2018)

    Jimmy can’t act lmao he 100% knew call me maybe

  • Xo Me oX

     (1 day ago)

    Sofia Santamaria Garcia ????


     (Mar 16, 2019)


  • sherlocked12

     (Dec 15, 2018)

    miley needs to make a version of 9 to 5

  • springermusicnet

     (5 days ago)

    I don't think she would without Dolly's blessing and she would have to change it into her own or else why do it...   She did perform it WITH Dolly at the 2019 Grammy's.... so maybe that is enough?

  • Lrms Vlogs

     (Mar 15, 2019)

    noemistephanie93 well that’s not why it would happen she would have to pay a bunch of money and both have to have their lawyers agree or it’s illegal and anyone can sue

  • Racing Info

     (Dec 18, 2018)

    The older I get, the more I realise it's impossible not to love Miley.

  • LilBratsWurstTV

     (6 days ago)

    I don’t

  • Nicholas Mckinstry

     (Feb 22, 2019)

    @racinginfo what you need to realize is miley is not at all a good vocalist. her voice is sub par at best but I guess you can't tell the difference with all the autotune and editing added. scrub.

  • TheDeathstyleExpert

     (Dec 17, 2018)

    None of these songs sound at all like what they're supposed to.

  • Cardi Bee

     (Mar 16, 2019)

    Some of them were spot on

  • Maria Mendes

     (Mar 9, 2019)

    TheDeathstyleExpert I won’t say all but most didn’t

  • Nejla Neamah

     (Dec 21, 2018)

    Miley looks stunning in this dress

  • Michael Scalia

     (Mar 7, 2019)

    So good

  • Jessica Bake

     (Mar 3, 2019)

    John if she lost a few pounds she’d look too skinny, she looks perfect how she is

  • MrBadBoy2105

     (Dec 13, 2018)

    The look on miley's face when she heard her own song

  • Jenny Gran

     (1 day ago)


  • Ichimaru Zero

     (Mar 16, 2019)

    +VANGY Inc she knew how to sing all this songs, just because she didn't recognized it at first it doesn't mean she's ignorant about it tho

  • Brad Logan

     (Dec 19, 2018)

    She’s not only Gorgeous, but she would be so fun to hang out with. I’m glad she moved on from that awkward stage in her life.

  • TangibleTerror

     (Feb 15, 2019)

    +Codslayerboii youre a joke homosexuality is natural, it occurs in nature. Do some goddamn research before you go running your mouth you troll

  • TangibleTerror

     (Feb 15, 2019)

    +kostasz7z shut the fuck up you ignorant piece of shit.

  • Nicole Michaels

     (Dec 18, 2018)

    Miley's arms are TONEEEDDD. She looks so good.

  • gilbert martinez

     (Jan 2, 2019)

    Probably from all th drugs

  • Antwan Pena

     (Jan 1, 2019)


  • Alysann Swartout

     (Dec 21, 2018)

    You know what makes me angry? Jimmy trying to sing with Miley even though he didn't know the lyrics so he just made those awkward squeak noises.

  • Kaitlyn Ramos

     (6 days ago)

    Alysann Swartout I mean it is his show so :/

  • Patrick Balicanta

     (Feb 7, 2019)


  • User12_#youtube Usee12_#youtube

     (Dec 15, 2018)

    who else was pretty annoyed with Jimmy trying to sing with miley

  • Xo Me oX

     (1 day ago)

    I hate when people hate on a hater (btw not talking about this comment just like to say that)

  • KatsisVi

     (Feb 17, 2019)

    I get that it’s his show but he’s a really bad singer xx