What They Don't Want to Tell You About Bronny James Jr

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
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    Bronny James Jr is having a big tournament this weekend in south florida.. But here are some things that not most people know about Bronny.

    At only 9 years old Bronny had one of his first highlights publicized for the masses to see, reaching 7 million views, showing his skills and natural talent… Natural talent, who better to get those jeans then from the freak of nature himself, Lebron… By age 10 Bronny had become the youngest player in history to receive a scholarship from the university of Duke and Kentucky. Where many top highschoolers could only dream of going.. At this age you could already start seeing flashes of greatness in the kid, the way he controlled the pace of the game at such a young age was special to see. He not only was in control, but the elite moves he was pulling off, was something much ahead of his time. At this point everyone had already caught on that Bronny was gonna be a hooper..

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  • OvertimeNXT


     4 months ago +475

    Will Bronny Take Over His LeBron's Throne?

  • Kenneth Troy

    Kenneth Troy

     7 days ago

    Unfortunately bronny will not be the next NBA GREAT nor will it be Zion Williamson. The next king of the NBA will be A kid from Michigan name EMONI BATES. 6'8" with pure stroke and handle. G.O.A.T.....

  • Silent Suffering

    Silent Suffering

     7 days ago

    Kawhi leonard ?

  • Blissy


     14 days ago

    Guys he's 17 and all these top recruits are 16 to 17 years old bc they have been held back for 2 or more years.

  • Shelton Morgan

    Shelton Morgan

     21 days ago

    What about AI son little IVERSON you should do a video on him.

  • yvng mike

    yvng mike

     a months ago

    This video is so stupid

  • Dragonball 12

    Dragonball 12

     a months ago

    I hate it when people say natural talent yea he has good genetics from his parents but sports u do not get natural talent it's just hard work and that's it no if or buts just extreme dedication to his craft

  • Mr Playground

    Mr Playground

     a months ago

    If his dad coaches him than he might have a chance because his

  • M .Mull

    M .Mull

     a months ago

    Your title has nothing to do with the content of the video.

    The kid’s plays has been well documented. You didn’t say anything that’s not already known on the Internet.

  • William Spencer

    William Spencer

     a months ago

    I’m not sold

  • shawn seawood

    shawn seawood

     a months ago

    Great player yes but no MJ. Not close to level.

  • bigdog mack

    bigdog mack

     a months ago

    damn good video man.....Bronny is the real deal...good to see

  • SmithN' Wesson

    SmithN' Wesson

     a months ago

    Seriosuly why are we hyping him up so much? Hes an NBA players son playing against kids with no talent at all. Of course he will look amazing.

  • JJ Brothers and Co.

    JJ Brothers and Co.

     a months ago

    Liked and subed



     a months ago

    No it's only zion the next ruler

  • T.J. L

    T.J. L

     a months ago

    What a shit video

  • E J

    E J

     2 months ago

    The hype-ness and over exaggeration is at a whole new level in this video. Credibility is out the door.

  • Jbo Bolofer

    Jbo Bolofer

     2 months ago

    We don't know Brice will be the next steph

  • steveballer24


     2 months ago

    Thank you for getting straight to the video & not having a bullshit intro. Great vid bro 💪🏾

  • The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic

    The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic

     2 months ago

    Someone summarise