'The Five' react to new Rep's vulgar call for impeachment

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • The new Congress has been sworn in and freshman Democrat Rashida Tlaib is making headlines with her profane comments; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Oxyc6gfKXh8


  • Sandra Lisseth

    Sandra Lisseth

     5 hours ago

    Sharia is a vulgar Woman that has no business in the Congress

  • Della Russell

    Della Russell

     5 hours ago

    It means that everybody can use profanity in hold public, offices, when interview by reporters, they can call others, publicly filthy names. If she called a Black man that disgusting name, it would have been asked for her resignation, because of prejudice.

  • James Wadsworth

    James Wadsworth

     7 hours ago

    This woman is nothing but a disgrace how in the hell by people like this get into US government

  • James Wadsworth

    James Wadsworth

     7 hours ago

    This is called the enemy in u.s. government

  • Douglas Baer

    Douglas Baer

     10 hours ago

    Impeach this crazy if she does not resign at once.

  • Daniel Madden

    Daniel Madden

     12 hours ago

    all she wants to do is make the rich pay for the poor...........you know all those illegal cockroaches.....drug dealing scumbags

  • R. Renovatus

    R. Renovatus

     21 hours ago

    Let her scream and insult... perfect

  • R. Renovatus

    R. Renovatus

     21 hours ago +1

    Islamic... showing their true colors... perfect

  • Roman


     21 hours ago +1


  • ELLE F

    ELLE F

     yesterday +1

    She’s a filthy ugly pig who curses and she should go back to Michigan and take AOC WITH YOU. She’s as fukking stupid as you are fat lady!

  • Steven Midgett

    Steven Midgett

     yesterday +1

    Fire Juan Williams...lets get an on line petition and send it to Fox news to get rid of Juan Williams the smug liberal...keep Dan bongino PLEASE....fire Juan Williams

  • Wayne Montpetit

    Wayne Montpetit

     yesterday +1

    The other disgusting thing is she said that she used that language directly to her SON - great parenting

  • Potato Chips

    Potato Chips


    As a muslim, I gotta say that she was disrespectful, a simple political rule is not to use foul language to try and make ur argument valid. I agree with trump when he said that she dishonored her family and herself, now we all know she also got people to remember every bad stereotype was made about islam and arabs up until now, something that so many out there tried to change all this time.

  • Bridget Charles

    Bridget Charles


    i'm a lobbyist <3

  • Timmywill Griggs

    Timmywill Griggs

     yesterday +1

    this female wanabe is a Muslim extremist. voter fraud is the only way she got elected..can we the people see whats going on??..for her to slander our president with no due cause..she has no clue what our constitution is all about...she is a embarrassment...and those who claim they voted for her could careless..

  • Barbie G.

    Barbie G.

     yesterday +1

    She shouldn't be in office!!! She has no right to have that job. You can tell her main agenda.. It's not just about Trump. She will try to push Muslim ways in the United States. Sorry! your ways aren't ours!

  • Gayle swenson

    Gayle swenson

     2 days ago

    What a real loser, they ought to slap her homely face and removed her from her new position. (and I use the word "HER" loosely) Certainly not a lady, but a terrible mother.

  • Crystal Thursby

    Crystal Thursby

     2 days ago

    Her language that she spoke to her 13 yr.old son tells us that she is not American, we pride ourselves on teaching our children correct wording and respect for authority! This woman is getting back at men that raised her! She should be helping other Muslim women rise above their teachings. Like or dislike of OUR president is NOT an option, we must work together and stop disrespecting authority! That's what is wrong with other nations and/or countries, they have no pride within their own country of conflicts! So....they bring their hatred to our country. She needs the classes to learn how and what is required as an American, perhaps she needs a green card? Excuse my errors with my writing, due to currently raising 5 United States Born children!

  • Prevailing Right

    Prevailing Right

     2 days ago

    Typical savage, idiotic behavior from another representative from a "mud race". Why does that surprise people? It's to be expected. Tlaib is a pathetic, ancephalic, whore. Her voters which Obama let pour (unchecked) into our country... Are worse. In her culture it's acceptable for a husband to beat their wife into unconsciousness with a mop handle for overcooking dinner. Hopefully this cow got some of that when she got home.

  • Brenda Jo

    Brenda Jo

     2 days ago

    Does AOC believe she is in the same league as Lincoln... ect...I am Lmao.