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  • Published on:  Friday, March 16, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/P-18XgsnvNQ


  • Kargoz

     1 years ago

    Hey guys, please keep in mind that I love and play both Retail and Vanilla WoW. Legion has been one of the most enjoyable expansions to date and I’m super hype for BFA. Vanilla will always have a special place in my heart and this is my small contribution to the conversation. Thanks for everything.

  • Sonnabend00

     1 months ago

    I dont play either. BFA sucks , Classic is archaic outmoded primitive 2004 gameplay based on an MMO model that died decades ago.

  • Sawyer

     1 months ago

    @The Humungus i almost forgot actual PvP existed outside of glorified duels. See y'all at the Crossroads ;)

  • Luke M

     1 years ago

    couldn't beat that feeling of getting dem grey shoulders finally

  • Dirty Silver

     1 months ago

    You got them and still... you couldn't do anything with them. LolIt's things like this that the average gamer hated. "Play how many hours for what reward?" In the end, it is just entertainment and whatever makes people happy.Although... classic is available for free elsewhere.

  • Ghost Wolf

     8 months ago

    true story

  • Critical Hit Wargaming

     9 months ago

    That feeling when in your mid to late level 30s you finally got a full length cloak drop and immediately looked upon others as utter peasants.

  • Göran Österman

     1 months ago

    Hahaha that comment made my day xDSo true!


     1 months ago

    I was one of them

  • Ron Weeks

     9 months ago

    2:28 Holy shit, I forgot about how excited I used to be, equipping grey shoulders at level 15 LOL!!

  • Steve Jones

     26 days ago

    Ron Weeks I never remember the names of gear for any game I play. lol

  • Jeffrey Hendricks

     3 months ago

    @@VideoGames4Days ! Yep, I agree 100% and I laugh when I hear about 'twinks' now. It's not a twink, it's a dam heirloom toon now. They've killed so many great things about the game. It's all about instant gratification, and the mighty dollar now. If you have the gold, you can buy yourself any item or achievement and parade it around like you've actually 'earned' it. Don't mean anything anymore.

  • Peter Joseph

     9 months ago

    slapping on the first pair of grey shoulders....... mmmmmmmmm.

  • OsG_Corrupted

     1 months ago

    I feel like there are few moments that compete with getting that first shoulder piece, I mean now with BoAs and heirlooms shoulders are instant at lvl 1 but man I remember I didn’t even get a grey shoulder I didn’t get shoulders until Wailing Caverns and the serpent spaulders dropped for me, such a beautiful moment 😭😭

  • Peter Joseph

     7 months ago

    @Wade Anderson felt like you were finally initiated haha what a pure moment in online gaming

  • MonsterKat

     11 months ago

    I remember getting weapon enchants at lower levels just because they looked cool and added a glow lol.. I think some of them were pointless for my class but ohwell I thought I was a badass.


     19 days ago

    Made a lot of money enchanting weapons in front of Stormwind Bank.

  • Ixis Divine Cattle

     25 days ago

    @Daimyon Was it really? In the leveling progress wouldn't it slow humanoids so they wouldn't flee as much? Paladins don't have a slow at all, if i remember correctly the slowing poison of rogues does not exist (or could be swapped for instant) and warriors can save rage on using hamstring. Doesn't that actually merit using Icy chill, provided that it actually slow the target?In most cases this will also be good in Pvp although for most classes the damage enchants take priority :)

  • Leph

     1 years ago

    Every single word hit home. I played WoW pre-release beta and almost ruined my degree playing vanilla 12-16 hours a day, becoming one of the first mages on the server to get full Netherwind. I quit when I got a job and had kids, as did many of my guildies . I couldn't get the same satisfaction only playing for a few hours 2-3 times a week. WoTL had just launched as well and the game had changed. This video sums up everything that made Vanilla WoW great, but the three ones I want to highlight:1. Commu...

  • smithers

     7 months ago

    Very well worded video :)Brb, calling mum to let her know I'm moving back into her attic. Anyone want to buy a car? GF thrown in for free

  • Jennifer King

     4 days ago


  • Joe Gibbs

     1 months ago

    A GF is *never* free. Even if another man gives her to you.

  • Mochanimator

     8 months ago

    i feel like there is this huge community that is just waiting to go home. kinda endearing.

  • Zermist TV

     7 months ago

    The thing I loved most about classic is how it had a remarkable ability to bring strangers together.I think this is because everybody NEEDED each other because lot of quests/areas were incredibly difficult solo. There's this constant feeling of "You scratch my back, I'll scratch your back too" which always seemed to bring the best out of peopleBut on retail in dungeon finder for example, you don't even look at your group members as players anymore. They're replaceable tools used to help yo...