The Taylor Swift "You Need To Calm Down" Backlash, Bella Thorne, Hong Kong Extradition, & Iran

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 17, 2019
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    Today’s Stories:

    Bella Thorne Posts Own Photos:

    2 Million Attend Protests in Hong Kong:
    Previous Coverage:

    Iran Threatens to Violate Nuclear Deal’s Limits on Uranium:

    Taylor Swift’s Music Video Criticized:

    More News Not Included In Show Today:

    Phoenix Mayor Apologizes After Police Incident:

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Leave White House:

    Brazil Supreme Court Vote:

    Flint Prosecutors Drop All Criminal Charges:

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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     7 months ago +1013

    Happy Monday! Here are those timecodes:
    Bella Thorne Posts Photos (00:06), Slate Article on Taylor Swift (02:27), TIA (04:56), Hong Kong Protests (06:07), Tensions in Iran (10:10)

  • Emmett LaFave

    Emmett LaFave

     4 months ago

    Cool to support lgbt but guys I work rly hard on making good songs they don't get as many views as her's can u check them out they're on my channel

  • likira111


     5 months ago

    Hearing it on the radio I always thought the "you need t calm down" song was about attacking annoying men at the club since they seem to be a popular target.

  • stecky87


     5 months ago

    Knowing that Bella Thorne 1: has a book out 2: isn't pressing charges despite the fact that she threatened sending the FBI after him, makes her story look fishy.

    Also, she doesn't win, & she took nothing back: the guy wanted the nudes released, she released them.

  • Dejay Pierce

    Dejay Pierce

     6 months ago

    Nobody would be good if they were never punished for the things they did wrong. How is it possible to learn and grow if everything you did had no repercussions.

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    At this point with Iran, I regard them as having earned military intervention. However, the human cost of such a thing is certainly not worth the benefits, so I understand the reasoning for a more diplomatic approach to the situation. And it is by this merit, that I believe our current... administration (if you could call that sham such a thing) has failed us. Sanctions are almost always a safe bet, but withdrawing from a diplomatic accord for the sake of "saving face" when nuclear and military implications are on the table, is both incredibly irresponsible and ineffective. The U.S. needs to rejoin the accord, and begin de-escalation. Obviously Iran won't, but there comes a point where indulging a belligerent can be far more beneficial than stooping to their level. This, is most certainly that point.

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    I'm elated to hear that the extradition legislation has been suspended, but I agree that the fight is far from over. I hate saying it like that too... as if I'm actually involved when in fact I'm just sitting here typing about it. Either way, I'm glad to see that the citizens there haven't lost momentum, and have clearly made an impact. I look forward to seeing the eventual striking down of that bill, but I shudder to think what such issues speak of the future...

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    As much as I am convinced that Taylor's song and vid (and those of many other mainstream pop stars) are primarily PR plays, I can't help but admire the end results for the causes, most of which are objectively good and noble. Regarding that Slate journalist, I do find it rather sad that she feels the need to attack Taylor as much as she does. I understand being disillusioned with the "fakeness" of many mainstream figureheads, but there are much healthier ways of expressing that, and hers was not one of them...

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    I'm honestly on the fence about the Bella Thorne thing. I'm skeptical enough to believe it is a deception, but I also find it equally plausible that it is not. If it is a deception, may her career suffer for it. If it is NOT a deception, than I absolutely applaud her taking control of the blackmail.

  • Just Another Happy Humanist

    Just Another Happy Humanist

     6 months ago

    Trump is obviously trying to instigate some false flags so that he has a pretext to attack Iran. He has been on this for some time now. He wants to undo the good that Obama was able to do within the region.

  • SystemzOverload


     6 months ago

    well fucking done belle, and i sure as shit wont be intrested in them photo's out of respect for her. fucking brave and really powerful move.

  • RozuRules


     6 months ago


  • horizontal120


     6 months ago

    the tanker thing rely< souns like us is trying somting shady to start a war ... aka total us mo ...

  • skeerk


     6 months ago

    I am not in the mood for a war today

  • REXXltm


     6 months ago

    the thing with taylor is the song isn't a lgbt anthem, it is an anti hater anthem that happens to have a verse about anti-lgbt people. it isn't brave she hasn't been saying this since the movement started, it is a safe move and a business move. she did it for the same reason companies make pride logos to "show their support" because they know that'll get you to buy there product.

  • Glam Dring

    Glam Dring

     7 months ago

    You told not all i know why

  • gjaddajg


     7 months ago +1

    Protip: stop pandering to SJWs, cause nothing is ever enough and they'll always find a reason to complain and grab the opportunity to play victims.

  • Obdus


     7 months ago

    I hate watching the news UNLESS I am watching this guy. Subscribed ;)

  • Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson

     7 months ago

    Taylor swift is mad fake lol do ur research

  • Peanut B

    Peanut B

     7 months ago