Owner Stays On THE PHONE During Re-Opening Night | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/P2bCOGMiB8E


  • Ethan

     10 months ago

    I like that black guy he seems like he loves his job

  • Melvie

     5 days ago

    I guess you white lol

  • YaBoiTrex

     14 days ago

    Next time call him the chef

  • Jean

     10 months ago

    The same woman who accused Gordon of planting a dead rat in their restaurant 😑

  • Liam Ferbrache 2

     1 months ago

    @Aaron Garcia y

  • HomoTriSapien

     1 months ago

    I feel for her mother though…She amazed Chef Gordon with her cakes!

  • barbzinc. *

     10 months ago

    She is a disgrace to Shelly's all over the world.

  • Riaz Hamdan Malik

     21 days ago

    FFS - SHELLIES-pluralShelly's - Shelly is or Shelly's behaviour!!!BASIC FUCKING ENGLISH!!

  • Happy Thoughts

     23 days ago

    barbzinc. * No, Shelly’s are usually really bitchy

  • Bryan Pereira

     10 months ago

    Lmao if your on the phone during your job you should be fired.

  • That_Ranga_Guy

     a months ago

    Depends on what job you have.

  • unknown anonymous

     10 months ago

    Why do they even open up restaurants when they are not capable of and make Gordon Ramsay run like this

  • Macaroni Art

     27 days ago

    Your profile pic is dumb.

  • Denzel Mckenzie

     1 months ago

    Sataniel basically he gives them the publicity and help a new menu point out flaws but these ppl go right back to how they were when he leaves

  • The Chosen Moose

     10 months ago

    Shelly IMO is the worst owner along with Amy's Baking Company.

  • Isabella Berenguer

     1 months ago

    @jalen robinson nino is a god

  • Ian Rae

     2 months ago

    I see your Shelly and Amy.And raise you an Alan and Gen from Burger Kitchen.

  • rdpcl

     10 months ago

    It makes me sad that the restaurant closed because mother Mary put her 40,000 retirement on it and her daughter didn't care.

  • david lindsey

     18 days ago

    DarlingNikki2 that is so sad and I think you’re probably 100% correct.

  • DarlingNikki2

     7 months ago

    @willia3r The restaurant closed down (just google Blackberry's and it comes up) and I heard on another video that mother Mary passed away after a battle with cancer, sad to say. She seemed like a sweet woman and had all intentions of leaving a legacy behind her, but I think her greedy, manipulative daughter was just waiting for her to pass so she could get her hands on the insurance money and didn't give a f--- about the restaurant.

  • ChocolateGinger

     10 months ago

    Me: *doing homework**kitchen nightmares clip just uploaded*homework can wait

  • fearless bros

     5 months ago

    I lost sleep cauae this is so good

  • Xedious

     5 months ago

    ChocolateGinger *watches more episodes until it’s too late to do hw*

  • Adreee And another e

     10 months ago

    “Hold on this is important”“OOOOOOH HEY BOO HOW U DOIN’?”

  • keep going

     16 days ago


  • Williams Hu

     10 months ago

    If that mateen was owner it would be one of the better soul food places

  • Trash Pixie

     16 days ago

    @ComradeSam1994 But it just wasn't funny, baby.