Zelda Twilight Princess - 19 - Wolf Bop

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/P3FJtI8cXv0


  • Thomas Lichman

    Thomas Lichman

     6 days ago

    Why is their random samples of Travis Scott playing??? 😂

  • Giovonie Gallamore

    Giovonie Gallamore

     14 days ago

    Lmao the Travis Scott ad libs over the wolf howling killed me

  • Christopher Naylor

    Christopher Naylor

     21 days ago

    5:26 Not everything is about african Americans. You will eventually have to accept that fact.

  • hawk4225


     21 days ago

    can you not add the rapper sound effect thanks.

  • Jessica Johnston

    Jessica Johnston

     a months ago

    worst Zelda in my opinion is spirit tracks

  • Miah Green

    Miah Green

     a months ago

    Stitches / Brick in yo face.... that's a classic. 🤣 I see you both are men of culture and impeccable taste.

  • Sadie Culver

    Sadie Culver

     a months ago

    I unironically love Tingles Freshly Picked Rosey Rupee Land.

  • OrangeFluffyCat


     a months ago +1

    I wish they would play Tingles Rosy Rupee Land!

  • Alex Marie

    Alex Marie

     a months ago +1

    unpopular opinion: twilight princess is the best Zelda game

  • Joe Crouse

    Joe Crouse

     a months ago

    No fall damage ever

  • siekensuu


     a months ago

    Opinion no one asked for: A.I. (2001) was a decent movie with a lousy ending.

  • Pheonick


     a months ago

    Song of healing is a jam

  • FlameSage09


     a months ago

    Wait isn't that the song of healing? My favorite ocarina song from my favorite Zelda game?

  • Felix Gutierrez

    Felix Gutierrez

     a months ago

    5:10 Ok that one got me LOL

  • Pratalax


     a months ago

    Glad Arin still likes the sequelitesesies....es.... I still quote those badboys today.

  • Ryan King

    Ryan King

     a months ago

    I still think Phantom Hourglass is the best Zelda game... Well, maybe not the best, but it's still my personal favorite ^^

  • Basim Siddiqui

    Basim Siddiqui

     a months ago

    The Travis Scott ad libs got me

  • RamirezLV


     a months ago

    @3:35 lmao

  • ur mum is peng

    ur mum is peng

     a months ago

    Imagine if the wolf singing actually sounded like Travis scott

  • Alastryona


     a months ago

    Everyone hates on skyward and it's like my second favorite zelda////////////////////
    I like it more than ocarina