Vanilla WoW Secrets Solved, As Well as Other Facts About WoWs Early Design

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • --The World of Warcraft Diary--

    -How the Emerald Dream EVOLVED from Vanilla to Legion

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    -Things mentioned-
    Campfire Ganks
    Regular Long Travel Quests
    Ironforge Airfield Mystery Solved
    Titan Cinematic
    South Seas Expansion
    Player Housing
    3 Cut Races (Naga, Goblin, Demons)
    Ogre Playable Race (Ogre)
    AV First BG Made
    Fishing Hesitations
    Deadmines Benchmark
    Smaller Dungeons
    Karazhan Krypts Mystery Solved
    Talent Trees Late Addition
    Last 2 Zones Finished
    Last Vanilla Zone Worked On (Emerald Dream Mystery Solved)
    LOTR Death Effects
    Vehicle PvP Combat
    Horde Stuff
    Earliest WoW Map
    Molten Core Was Made in 1 Week
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  • hirumaredx


     a years ago +50

    If you want to see more things like this covered in the video, watch part 1 here

  • Марио Петров

    Марио Петров

     8 hours ago

    I get so mad when some braindead idiot call the game "wAw"
    you cant prenaused the letter 'O' or what ? its wOw.. OF, not AF !

  • FlynnWinch


     16 hours ago

    1:49 The first expend to the game as become the two last , lel.

  • Rick Seubert

    Rick Seubert

     19 hours ago

    I was just watching this again. The part about how devs couldn't see how to make player housing fun, they should look towards Ultima Online for possible ideas.. Customizable houses in so many different ways.
    Miss that game!

  • Markus Escobar

    Markus Escobar


    I unsubbed now because you keep putting non vanilla footage into classic videos

  • Bruce Wade

    Bruce Wade

     2 days ago

    flying really fucked this game up

  • savagedialects


     3 days ago

    where do you get this info? do you make it up? because the ogres were not added simply because their backstory is non existent or there were no female ogres...

  • Frozen Willow

    Frozen Willow

     4 days ago

    If they want Naga, why not make them a playable class instead of a race? So a bit like DH but with Naga form. The most obvious races for it would be Nelfs, Belfs, Velfs, and Nightborne where they turn into their normal race form when mounted, but in battle be Naga? We have transmog system to literally make the gear sets look like they are not there anymore, so surely they could make it so that it looks like Naga, but their gear sets are still on their character? With maybe the exception of a weapon changing. They could have faster swim speed, some different abilities that we are not used to. Ok I need to talk to Blizzard LOL.

  • Nain Mayoudavich

    Nain Mayoudavich

     4 days ago

    the part about the airport is wrong. During beta we could go up there through what is now called ''old iron forge''

  • FjordFish


     5 days ago

    video about vanilla wow, yet it's filmed in filthy retail. gtfo.

  • blarg bob

    blarg bob

     7 days ago +2

    ironic that they do not want stuff in their game that doesn't involve risk when they take none themselves and are quitters lol

  • Skindoggiedog


     7 days ago

    Do you realise you say "din-n't" instead of "didn't"?

  • thor odin

    thor odin

     7 days ago

    still wish we would have gotten naga instead of worgen, panda's, etc. naga was WAY more in the lore, especially wc3

  • burnouttx


     7 days ago

    what is with having ads every other minute in a video?

  • Josh


     7 days ago

    5:32 bruh that action bar

  • TerryFGM


     14 days ago

    3:43 alterIc valley?

  • Adam Armstrong

    Adam Armstrong

     14 days ago +1

    I really appreciate what you do. Keep on doing you. You’re amazing.

  • dosran


     14 days ago

    none of this shit was secret just because your a wrath kiddie doesnt make it a secret stormwind vault stormwind dungeon etc have been known since vanilla ffs

  • rctrulez


     14 days ago

    The concept of the hero class was reused in Legion. Dunno why you forgot that?

  • Anthony Hathaway

    Anthony Hathaway

     21 days ago

    If you think about it, the heroes really have to reason to go into the crypts or wine-cellars of Kara