Vanilla WoW Secrets Solved, As Well as Other Facts About WoWs Early Design

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • --The World of Warcraft Diary-- the Emerald Dream EVOLVED from Vanilla to Legion Media-- a member for custom emotes and name tag in comments - of the Video backgrounds in this video were made by "Amitai Angor AA VFX" my gaming, editing, and office gear along with some pretty cool book recommendations, and more, here: mentioned-Campfire GanksRegular Long Travel QuestsIronforge Airfield Mystery Solved Titan CinematicSouth Seas ExpansionPlayer Housing 3 Cut Races (Naga, Goblin, Demons)Ogre Playable Race (Ogre)AV First BG MadeAchievements Fishing Hesitations Deadmines BenchmarkSmaller DungeonsKarazhan Krypts Mystery SolvedTalent Trees Late AdditionLast 2 Zones FinishedLast Vanilla Zone Worked On (Emerald Dream Mystery Solved)LOTR Death EffectsVehicle PvP Combat Horde Stuff Earliest WoW MapMolten Core Was Made in 1 Week
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  • hirumaredx

     9 months ago

    If you want to see more things like this covered in the video, watch part 1 here

  • Jeff Klein

     2 days ago

    soooo when does the book come out...

  • Janusha

     3 months ago

    You lost me at TZIZZ VIDEO.

  • Bàmboo -

     9 months ago

    Lol I wish the campfire afk killing thing was still in the game

  • matt fahringer

     16 days ago

    @Tired AF id love to kill you in real life

  • Glorious Second

     4 months ago

    you should be able to kill lvl 1 bank alts on vanilla realms with it (if they are afk) but u might need 2 fires

  • int3r4ct

     9 months ago

    One guy made MC in a single week? Damn dude

  • Stevie Knight

     an hour ago

    @Nathan Casey yep, different boss mechanics etc take so much longer than 1 week

  • Mike Mohawk

     8 days ago

    I think it were 2 guys and Mike Morhaime was one of them. Blizz made a video a couple of years back where the old clan talks about everything noteable about WoW. The 10 year anniversary video?

  • Poop

     9 months ago

    with all the added islands over the years to the game, it's a miracle thrall and his small horde in WC3 made it to kalimdor at all.

  • Nick Reid

     9 months ago

    I was expecting this to be like the usual "Scrapped Vanilla Ideas" video, but this was actually a great video with information i hadnt heard.

  • Urukosh !

     9 months ago

    This need upvote

  • Cory Young

     9 months ago

    World of Warcraft's Game Masters have a semi-strict uniform policy in game, where they wear a distinct blue and black robe and hood. These items are in the game but unobtainable by players, among which are the Gamemaster's Hood, Gamemaster's Robes and Gamemaster's Slippers, respectively. Additionally, these Game Masters you would see in-game tended to be developers or higher-ranked quality-assurance staff. Your average Game Master is sitting in a booth in Texas or California, accessing World of Warcraf...

  • Gam Bub

     5 days ago

    Nothing is pointless when everything has a point.

  • Michael Jesse

     9 days ago

    Why say any of this no one asked about this pointless info.

  • Sisco The Kid

     9 months ago

    Huh. I got to like that dwarven airfield explanation. It always had me guessing.

  • Kyle Segal

     9 months ago

    all of this stuff is just ripped from WowCrendor's latest fishing episode

  • Bysentenial

     9 months ago

    I want a [physical] copy of this book but there are two words that strike fear into the hearts of any Australian.Plus ShippingIt'll cost me just under $100 to buy.

  • Vlaka

     1 months ago

    Lol yep fuck that

  • QuesteYT

     9 months ago

    Went to ship my friend my old Elgato Hd60 and realized it would cost the price of the item (as new) just to send it to him. FeelsBadMan.

  • Aussie

     9 months ago

    No lying here, I've been playing on a private server recently, and the exploration behind the huge dungeons like BRD and Maraudon are so much fun because they are so big. Deciding were to go and were this random passage way will lead. Whereas the smaller dungeon system is far too linear for my liking and becomes repetitive quickly.

  • A Higgs


    I liked the large dungeon designs as well, even the more confusing ones like BRD, Sunken Temple, Mara, because being able to navigate these complex caves and passages actually made you useful, and you could serve as the guide through the dungeon for people who would just be hopelessly lost. It made it like passing out knowledge from one person to the next.

  • Silvar

     5 months ago

    try the old map for sunken temple and see if its ''fun''

  • ztolten

     9 months ago

    Hey Hiru!This video series is really something. I find all of your content interesting and entertaining. But this one is something special, and somewhat unique! Keep up the good work.Looking forward for more of videos like this.

  • hirumaredx

     9 months ago

    This is most likely the last video like this for a while. With this video I've covered all of the more interesting facts from the book, other than small things like how Vanilla WoW had the working title of "Into the Maelstrom" for a while.