Steve Harvey Finds the Hole in Jackie Chan’s Head

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 12, 2017
  • Jackie Chan shows Steve Harvey the head, shoulders, knees, and toes that he’s broken and bruised. Then he tells his story about meeting Steven Spielberg and sharing “film secrets”.SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #STEVETVShow:Connect with STEVE online!Visit the STEVE WEBSITE: http://www.stevetv.comLike STEVE on FACEBOOK: Steve Harvey on FACEBOOK: @SteveTVShow on TWITTER: @IamSteveHarvey on TWITTER: @SteveTVShow on INSTAGRAM:
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  • Eric Koh

     1 years ago

    This dude has suffered many injuries and continues acting! He is truly a badass!

  • Al Santiago


    @Zaxares who am I is the movie

  • Adam Guray

     1 years ago

    How you jump from here to there?More easy Rolling. Action. Jump. Hospital What a truthful respond

  • salmelli

     15 days ago


  • José Rivera

     1 months ago

    Adam Guray 🤣🤣🤣🔥🤣🤣

  • Septo

     1 years ago

    I like how Steve is not interrupting his guest's

  • hideous hashbrown

     9 days ago

    Cuz he is probably confused

  • Kevin Nguyen

     1 months ago

    and hus laughs actually feel/sound genuine and not obnoxious.

  • DivKa L ValentinE

     1 years ago

    Rolling > Action > Jump > Hospital .. i died LMAO

  • 12x12surface

     2 months ago

    “More easy” - Yea right..... Ouch

  • SavageHunter Playz

     3 months ago

    ME TOO

  • silent thief

     1 years ago

    "Not every thing broken "😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Get Juked

     1 months ago

    Proceeds to name every bone in his body😂😂

  • Phoenix Lal

     2 months ago

    Not every thing broken meaning some have holes or scratches. For jackie broken is underated word

  • Manyder Faudoas

     1 years ago

    2:31 Rolling, action, jump, hospital 😁😁😀😀😆😆😃😃😂😁😁😀😀😀

  • Three Piece and A Soda

     26 days ago

    @landon white not really a joke if he did it for real

  • jackie chan

     11 months ago

    Jackie chan is my invisible Superior.

  • tigist lewy

     1 years ago

    "oh hell no" 😳🤣🤣

  • Kenny Lee Jian Siong

     19 days ago

    Jackie didn't tell him that "hole" almost killed him.

  • UknowN

     11 months ago

    999 liked..i dont know should i leave it like that or make it 1k..haha

  • Weah Betty Twum

     1 years ago

    Jackie Chan is really funny. Can't stop laughing.

  • Hand me a Dozen Beers

     7 months ago

    @Ash Velour ok now you're just being a hypocrite, stfu and just watch the video.

  • Fire Water

     7 months ago

    @Hand me a Dozen Beers "Is that why you guys bomb things and ask questions later?"...Ironically, that's what Jackie Chan said about America.

  • C Joe

     1 years ago

    *Touches Jackie's head*Oh hell nooo....

  • narwat30

     10 months ago

    He's a very accomplished singer as well..!

  • Харе Кришна

     10 months ago

    lol yeah. got me

  • Ta aD

     1 years ago

    How do you jump from here to hereJackie: more easy ROLLING, ACTION, JUMP, HOSPITALliterally every jackie movie behind the scenes

  • Emmanuel Boniphace

     11 months ago

    troy duallo Jackie is awesome