The Truth About Cracking Your Knuckles | Responding to Comments #15

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
  • Trying on Doctor Halloween Costumes 😂-

    We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell I'll jump into the comments section with a reply or a heart quite often. If one of the questions I answered was not detailed enough or you want more info on the subject please let me know so that I can make a dedicated video giving you all of the info!

    A few favorite topics from this video are:

    1) Cracking knuckles

    2) My patients

    3) CPR and Ribs

    4) Bear Pup

    5) Compression Headache

    6) Stress and Grey Hair

    7) Cold Sores and Canker Sores

    Doctors are traditionally unreachable and I want to change that. So hop into this video’s and any other of my video’s comment section and ask dr mike! I want to see your username pop up on my next responding to comments video.

    If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!

    - Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  • Chieko Sachi

    Chieko Sachi

     35 minutes ago +1

    Can you be allergic to everything?

  • Girlbye


     3 hours ago

    Omg i smile throughout your vids xD

  • Mafer Bv

    Mafer Bv

     5 hours ago

    I crack my knuckles Everyday more than about 13 times.

    I also crack my back bones and wrist and knees and arms.

  • Bharti Kumari

    Bharti Kumari

     6 hours ago

    Hi! Dr Mike
    I'm just 15 bt still have a crush on you.
    Love from India.
    How many hours a day did you study to crack the medical entrance exam!
    Plzz reply.
    Love your bear and roxy!

  • RobloxGachaUser 101

    RobloxGachaUser 101

     6 hours ago

    Weird question. Does snot ever get stuck in your mustash?

  • Mike Archer

    Mike Archer

     6 hours ago

    What is the dumbest thing you witnessed in a hospital???

  • Philip Brumback

    Philip Brumback

     7 hours ago

    Ok, double question. What kind of doggo is Bear, HE’S SO FLUFFY. Second, would you say that going to medical school is worth it, is it worth the years of stress and tears?

  • Ann Good

    Ann Good

     9 hours ago +1

    who else cracked their knuckles on purpose before watching this video. just me welp mhm

  • M M

     10 hours ago

    dragons breath isnt directly consuming liquid nitrogen, its some cereal lookin stuff cooked in liquid nitrogen

  • layla s

    layla s

     10 hours ago

    I'm 11 yrs old and ik how 2 do cpr so if any1 needs cpr and not 1 else knows what 2 do should I do it or not because I'm a child? P. s love ur vids!

  • Saxweddo Cool

    Saxweddo Cool

     12 hours ago

    Why do my feet have bones popping out???

  • maria yarza

    maria yarza

     13 hours ago

    Hi Dr. Mike, do you think there is already a cure for cancer? So many people think there's already one but the pharmaceutical industry would lose a lot of money if they released it, what is your opinion about this?



     15 hours ago

    Hii Dr. Mike ! I have been dreaming daily ( atleast 2-3 dreams ) at regular interval for more than a treat now . And lately i am having 7-8 dreams daily. I sleep for long hours but still i don't feel well rested and refreshed . What should i do??? FYI I have been through a rough last year and still ongoing n my mind works 24x7 nonstop. I can't help it. Thank you

  • Daphiniqua Simmonds

    Daphiniqua Simmonds

     16 hours ago

    You said in one of your videos adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Is this continuous hours? Or can it be 7 to 9 hours in a day but in segments. Like an hour at lunch? 3 when you get home? Then 4 hours at bedtime?

  • SingingWithLily


     17 hours ago

    Have you ever had to do CPR on a person before?

  • Rosales Anya

    Rosales Anya

     21 hours ago +1

    When Doctor mike said hi bear hi "little pupper" i was like

  • Muhammad Aniq Safwan Mohd Hafizan

    Muhammad Aniq Safwan Mohd Hafizan

     21 hours ago

    Hello Dr.Mike, what's the function of appendix in our body actually? And how to prevent your appendix get cut??

  • Jasmine Mc

    Jasmine Mc

     22 hours ago

    Is cracking your neck cause anything bad to your bones that is at the back of your neck?

  • ElliShushi Vlogs

    ElliShushi Vlogs

     22 hours ago

    Super dumb question and I'm a month late, BUT I'd like to know. If your a doctor and there is a animal who needs help, could help the animal, safely of course, until the animal gets a vet?

  • Just Piper

    Just Piper

     22 hours ago

    What type of dog is bear