Supergirl is a weird show...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • Supergirl is a weird show animation
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  • Paul Kneidel

    Paul Kneidel


    Why does everyone in the Superman family like glasses so much!!?!?!?!?!

  • John Riddell

    John Riddell


    Anyone else notice she is Marley from glee

  • Alice Alfred

    Alice Alfred

     2 days ago

    So, she removes her glasses and no one recognises her anymore😂

  • Billie Bobbie

    Billie Bobbie

     4 days ago

    this show actually isn't bad, but by the third season in turned into a teen drama rom-com darkness thing that pretty much every show spirals into

  • Vocals By Gabby l Gabby Mills

    Vocals By Gabby l Gabby Mills

     6 days ago

    It is a fun show, cheesy-ness and all

  • Joshua J

    Joshua J

     7 days ago

    You misspelled garbage wrong. It’s ok.

  • Mayte W.

    Mayte W.

     7 days ago

    This show changed so much since season 1. Kara grew so much but still she can't manage to tell Lena she loves her... EVEN ALEX WASN'T THAT USELESS AND HER GAYDAR IS BROKEN!!!

  • spiral spark

    spiral spark

     7 days ago

    do bunkd

  • nomine *

    nomine *

     7 days ago

    The female, immigrants, and menstruation?? Who wrote this show? Was it my asshat uncle?

  • ethan beirne2

    ethan beirne2

     7 days ago

    Wait Superman is real mom is evil I still only love flash make a deal can comic show like Batman you can't mess bat ma-up they messed up batman

  • Isabella Yodice

    Isabella Yodice

     7 days ago

    Circle, circle, dot, dot 😂

  • orlandobabe


     7 days ago

    I love this actor who plays Jimmy, I would have loved for him to play Pete Ross on Smallville.

  • Pretty petty squad

    Pretty petty squad

     14 days ago

    do twisted

  • lavenderfield


     14 days ago

    Have u ever realized that if the main villain is her aunt that means her cousin is in danger too

  • Brittany Harrison

    Brittany Harrison

     14 days ago

    That Beyoncé bit! Hilarious!! 😂😂

  • Jasygirl Crow

    Jasygirl Crow

     14 days ago

    what about DC legends of tomorrow?
    oh yeas there is a new one called Batwoman as well

  • train_rec


     21 days ago

    Fuck you I like my physical newspaper

  • HuyunDesu


     21 days ago

    in my family all the boomers watch this.

  • Elizabeth Stjohn

    Elizabeth Stjohn

     21 days ago


  • Elizabeth Stjohn

    Elizabeth Stjohn

     21 days ago